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PresidentOfTheUnitedStates from 1992-2000.

He was impeached by the HouseOfRepresentatives?, but not convicted by the SenatE?, for lying under oath to a GrandJury? regarding matters related to his sexual affair with MonicaLewinsky?.

Known also for granting the most controversial PresidentialPardon? in US history.

During his time in office, he was one of the most popular Presidents in history, despite the scandals. Many people viewed the scandals as being merely sexual in nature, and not worthy of political consequences. Partisans of this view might argue that the impeachment was more about politics than any genuine concern with lying to the GrandJury?.

There's a great deal more to be said about him -- let's try to keep it nonpartisan and encyclopedic?

RE: Controversial Pardon. Excuse me for being an ignorant European, but what exactly happened?? -- WojPob

The UnitedStatesPresident? has the power, under the UnitedStatesConstitution, to pardon people for crimes committed.

Clinton critics argue that Clinton's many last minute pardons were more political than those of the past, and in some cases are baffling except in light of large donations to Clinton campaigns.

Clinton supporters can no doubt point to many other highly political pardons in history, including for example GeraldFord?'s pardon of RichardNixon?. I'm sure that in the entire sordid history of politics, there have been many other cases of apparent pardons for money.

Didn't he also create (have something to do with creating) the [AmeriCorps]. These people do good stuff, imho. Then there is all the stuff about national health care, nafta, welfare reform, increasing money for student loans ... lots more than the scandal happened. He was also the governor of Arkansas a few times. (this page entails lots of hmwk) --PhillipHankins

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