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I DefinitionofBibleTerms

(what is 'the Bible' [Hebrew/Aramaic? vs Greek/Latin?, Jewish vs Christian, Orthodox vs. Western, Catholic vs Protestant]; canon; apochrypha, pseudepigrapha)

II DescriptionOfTheBible?

(Hebrew Bible divided into 3 sections, Law, Prophets, Writings; Christian Bible divided into 2 parts (Old and New) with some subdivision not so clearly defined/recognised; what is in each part and section; summary of contents of each section, part, book. BooksOfTheBible)

III BibleHistory

(modern reconstruction of composition of Hebrew Bible; of Christian Bible; don't try to explicate development of biblical criticism that underlies this here but cross-reference to article(s) to be written; try fairly to represent main stands of liberal vs conservative thought; outline history of transmission and translation after close of canons)

IV BiblicalInterpretation

(Jewish, Christian, Eastern. Western, influence of philosophy, fundamentalism, patristic interpretation, mediaeval interpretation, Reformation, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, inerrancy, biblical theology, inspiration, rationalism, translations)

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