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NationalSocialism refers to the political philosophy of the NationalSocialist? (or NaZi?) Party, and is often (but incorrectly) used to mean the same thing as FascisM?. FascisM? is a broader abstraction which subsumes not only the specific ideology of the NaZi? party, but also the ideologies of, for example, MussolinI?.

NationalSocialism uses a combination of various racist, nationalist, and socialist arguments in order to justify a TotalitariaN? political agenda. The most prominent NationalSocialist? was AdolfHitler, who ruled GermanY from 1933 until 1945, led GermanY into WorldWarTwo?, oversaw the murder of over 20 million people and who is held responsible for the HolocausT?. Most people conclude from his example that NationalSocialism is a bad thing.

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