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Martina Hingis is a professional TenniS player. Born September 30th, 1980 in Kosice, Slovakia, Hingis now lives in Saddlebrook, FloridA?, in the UnitedStates.

Like many professional tennis players, Hingis started playing at a very young age. By 5 years of age, she started entering tournaments. In 1996, Hingis made history by becoming the youngest person in history to win at WimbledoN? -- in the Ladies Doubles event. At the date of this writing, Februrary 2001, Hingis is the number one ranked women's player in the world.

Hingis is reported to be a nice person, and speaks 4 languages: CzechLanguage?, GermanLanguage (in particular SwissGerman?), EnglishLanguage, and some FrenchLanguage.

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