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Anna Kournikova is a professional TenniS player. Kournikova was born June 7th, 1981 in MoscoW?, RussiA?, but currently lives in BradentowN?, Florida. She is an only child.

Kournikova's first GrandSlam? title came in 1999 at the AustralianOpen? in the Womens Doubles event with partner MartinaHingis. Kournikova and Hingis have frequently played as doubles partners.

Kournikova is perhaps the best known player among people who are not fans of tennis, and she is perhaps more famous for her beauty than for her tennis skills. She was named one of PeopleMagazine?'s 50 most beautiful people in 1998, and she had a small role (as a motel manager) in the 2000 film MyMyselfAndIrene?, starring JimCarrey?.

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