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In Memoriam, September 11, 2001

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The Cunctator is a proud non-member of the Anarchists for a Past, Present, and Future World of Goodness.

See [K-Band Communications] for more information.

To be a good Wikipedian, be respectful, overly combative, self-critical, vulnerable, hortatory, ambitious, and analytical.

Above all, to be a good Wikipedian, edit and create entries.

Please help build 911 Attack memorial.

Project Sourceberg.

How to Destroy Wikipedia.
How to Build Wikipedia.

Check out the brilliant humor of Wikipedia's writers.

Pages which have been deleted.

Wikipedia vandalism: Fartboy, Phrozen.

D-o's?: ManningBartlett (returned), Piotr Wozniak, Corvus13.
Kick-outs: Mathjis

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