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A contributor to Wikipedia. My homepage may be found at:


I can't belive that no one has welcomed you....well, a bit late, but Welcome to Wikipedia!! anyway --AstroNomer

Hmph, you only welcomed me after I gave the secret handshake by pointing out that the ST was called ST before it was renamed HST... thus revealing my educational background.

Well, not exactly, but rather I noticed you by your editing of an article in which I had done something. And I remembered seeing your name long before in the RecentChanges, so it amazed me that no one had greeted you. The secret handshake helped, though ;) --AN

Hey Lindahl-san. I'd like to respectfully say that I thought your comment to Ed Poor on Falsifiability/Talk ("You could always read a book about the history of science, and then write the definition yourself.") was a little rough. Ed is no Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, but neither am I, and he seems to be trying. Have a good one. - Later. Ok, he's trying to bug you. I guess you two will have to sort it out.

Lack of knowledge is fine. Writing articles about things you don't understand, and know you don't understand, and are being repeatedly corrected about, is a different thing. Reading a book can be a far faster method of educating yourself than editing pages on Wikipedia.

From Feminism/Talk?

Luckily for me, I did not insert my proposed change. Imagine my embarassment, if I had to take it out after an error like this! Ed Poor

Wait, don't tell me, apparently a statement with no content whatsoever... wait, I think I can get this... yeah, must be SARCASM! Or just meaningless. No, I can't tell. I give up, which one? GregLindahl

Neither. It's a form of expression known to hackers as ha, ha, only serious. Ed Poor

Gee, now you're a "hacker". What is this world coming to?

[How come my summaries often disappear off of Recent Changes?]

This happens to me, too. My guess has been that it happens when I save something with a summary, and then save again without a summary. "No summary" overwrites summary if executed within a few minutes. Not sure if this is true or helpful -- see if the admins respond.

Re summaries: UseModWiki usually combines all the changes on a given page on one line of Recent Changes. So, once someone else makes a change to that page, that person's name and summary is the only one shown. You'll notice that Larry edited Free software/Talk right after I did, and that bumped my summary off too. --STG
Actually, it is part of the preferences if you are shown only the last change. or all the changes to a given article. The default is only the most recent, but you can change it (and multiply by a few your recent changes page)--AN

Greg, why do you persist in attacking Taw everywhere I look? Even if your allegations are true, it is also true that summaries and pages like NPOV are not places where I expect to find inflammatory rhetoric. Perhaps you two could duke it out on your personal pages? -- Taral

Jimbo and Larry seem to have approved of Taw's actions, so apparently it's Wikipedia policy. I don't care about duking anything out with anyone, I just want him to stop deleting things if he thinks nobody believes them. GregLindahl

An acceptable position, to me anyway. On the "original" wiki, it is (if I recall correctly) general policy that people should not disagree by deleting (hence why I only bracketed your contribution to NPOV instead of deleting it). Maybe Taw would like to comment? -- Taral

You can see Taw's comments in the Noam Chomsky/Talk article. GregLindahl

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