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Frederick Phillips Brooks Jr. (April 19, 1931 - )

Born in Durham?, North Carolina. Educated at [Duke University]?, graduating in 1953, and he received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Harvard University in 1956.

Brooks joined IBM in 1956, working in Poughkeepsie? and Yorktown?, New York State. He worked on the architecture of the Stretch (a $10m scientific supercomputer for the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory) and Harvest computers and then was manager for the development of the System/360 family of computers and the OS/360 software they ran.

Brooks later wrote of the development process for OS/360 in The Mythical Man-Month: Essays in Software Engineering,(1975).

In 1965, Brooks left IBM to found the Department of Computer Science at the [University of North Carolina]? at Chapel Hill and chaired it for 20 years.

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