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Tabulating Computing Recording Corporation was incorporated on June 15, 1911 by [Thomas J. Watson]?. This company was a merger of the Tabulating Machine Corporation, the Computing Scale Corporation and the International Time Recording Company. The president of the Tabulating Machine Corporation was Herman Hollerith. In 1924, the name of the company changed to International Business Machines Corporation. The company is informally known as Big Blue.

Its headquarters are located in Armonk, New York, USA. The CEO is [Lou Gerstner]?. In 2000 it had revenues of $80 Billion, and 316000 employees. The company is primarily known for manufactoring computer hardware and software. It has world renowned research labs located in N.Y., Almaden, Zurich, Tokyo, Haifa, Beijing, Austin, Delhi.

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historical influence on business and computing -- Herman Hollerith (punched cards and US census) -- Selectric typewriter -- IBM-PC 5150 1981 'revolution' -- IBM mainframes -- IBM minicomputers -- OS/2 -- "THINK" -- mainframe -- Fred Brooks classic The Mythical Man-Month about OS/360 -- Winchester disk technology -- legal precedents(?): unbundling -- office automation -- research contributions -- Atomic Force Microscope -- Scanning Tunnelling Microscope -- -- Binnig & Rohrer

(In the early 1990's during a period of downsizing and retrenchment, a new motto was coined: "THINK or THWIM.")

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