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Dr. David C. Merrill
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I scored 54 on the Wikipediholic/Are you wikipediholic test. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

My absolute favorite Wikipedia article: Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense

These are articles I've worked on, am working on, or intend to work on in some significant way. Articles marked with a * are ones that I've work on extensively and that I'm proud of. Some of them are, IMHO, ready or almost ready for Brilliant prose.

Computers Linux Linux kernel Linux operating system Linux distribution Linux Documentation Project Neural network embrace, extend and extinguish Visual Basic

Gay Issues AIDS Kaposis Sarcoma Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia Famous gay lesbian or bisexual people Homophobia* Sodomy law* Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Religion Unitarian Universalism* Neopaganism Wheel of the Year Lupercalia witch witchhunts Wiccan Rede Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Book of Mormon Joseph Smith, Jr.

Biography Nicolas Chauvin* Ian McKellen* Alan Turing* Sappho

Gay Victims of the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack Mychal F. Judge Mark Bingham Carol Flyzik David Charlebois Daniel Brandhorst Ronald Gamboa David Brandhorst James Joseph Ferguson Graham Berkeley Pamela Boyce

Miscellaneous Profanity Intelligent design Intelligent Design Theory Cooking Chocolate Commedia del'Arte Harley-Davidson Louvre Chauvinism Natural selection* Spanish Inquisition*

Outside of the articles listed here, I rarely write an entire article from scratch, but I have made small additions and corrections to hundreds of articles. I also seem to do a lot of linking (Wikifying) and general proofreading (fixing spelling and grammar errors). I spend a lot of time on Recent Changes. On a good day I'll proofread a dozen articles or more.


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