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The Linux Documentation Project (LDP) began as a way for Linux hackers to share their documentation with each other and with their users, and for users to share documentation with each other.

History of the LDP in progress, talking to O'Reilly about getting an interview with our founder released for historical purposes. Information from anyone who was an early adopter of Linux and knows the LDP of that time is welcome to share it here.

Today, the LDP serves over 400 documents contributed by even more authors. About a dozen of them are book length, and most of those are available in print from major technical publishers including O'Reilly. The LDP publishes many HOWTO? documents, which instruct a user on the specific steps to take to achieve a desired goal. These goals are sometimes very specific, such as configuring a particular modem, and sometimes very broad, such as how to administer a network for an ISP.

Very broad topics are covered in a Guide, which is a book-length document, usually on a broad subject such as security or networking.

The LDP also publishes Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) lists, man pages and other documents.

Much of the LDP collection is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, as is Wikipedia. Many other licenses are also used, as long as they are freely distributable. Current policy recommends the GFDL or the [Open Publication License]? without exercising options A or B.

The LDP home page is http://www.linuxdoc.org.

This is a test to see if Wikipedians are interested in including some LDP documents in Wikipedia. If you move one over, please make it a subpage and add it to this list, but please make absolutely sure the license is GFDL, or ask the author to relicense for Wikipedia. LDP authors are great folks and many will probably want to work together. On the LDP Database http://db.linuxdoc.org you can view sorted lists of documents by license and other criteria.

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