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 Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule
 Cub Club
 Equalization of Opportunity Bill
 Friends of Global Progress
 Galt's Gulch
 Halley's Fifth Concerto
 Halley's Fourth Concerto
 Heaven's In Your Backyard
 John Galt Legends
 Moe's Delicatessan
 National Alliance of Railroads
 National Council of Metal Industries
 Patrick Henry University
 Rearden Metal
 Rio Norte Line
 Rockdale Station
 San Sebastian
 San Sebastian Line
 San Sebastian Mines
 Taggart Building
 Taggart Comet
 The Future
 The Heart Is A Millman
 The Octopus
 The Vulture Is Molting
 Wayne-Falkland Hotel
 Wyatt Oil Fields

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