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TimShell is a founding partner of Bomis. He lives in Pacific Beach. He knows Larry Sanger personally. He sometimes writes about himself in the third person.


Leave it to Tim to tell us about getting blind drunk! :-)
Thanx for the input on male and female! I was a bit animal (even mammal) biased there :-) --Anders T?lind
Our hero, for changing RecentChanges to Recent Changes. Now if only we can figure out how to change HomePage to "Wikipedia" or "Wikipedia: The Collaborative, Free Encyclopedia" or something like that. Maybe we should think hard about that, Tim, because it's apt to become Wikipedia's slogan. You're pretty good with slogans... --LMS

--- Tim, I shall "stop my f'ing name calling" when people stop using Wikipedia to blithely rewrite history. But what you call name-calling, I refer to as "calling a spade, a spade". Until people can deal with the historical record without rewriting it, I reserve the right to question their motives.

There is a saying: The modern definition of a racist is anyone who is winning an argument with a liberal. Your definition of an anti-Semite appears to be anyone who is winning an argument with you. This makes you look ridiculous and throws the value of your efforts here into question. - Tim

Blunt, but apt...thanks! J Hofmann Kemp

You should be ashamed for how you treat people.

Who guards the guards ? Also, anarchy resembles freedom, yet in fact is synonymous with entropy.

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