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How about Actors/Actors? and Actresses?
Also, I still see some girls here on the boys pages.
In case you haven't noticed, women refer to themselves now as actors... I hope the page editor who deleted all the women, except [Judith Dench]?, [Ellen Burstein]?, Blythe Danner, and [Sophia Loren]? and further messed up the alphabetizing will correct it. You might notice also that [Sidney Poitier]? is a man, or so I always thought.

Re: "actress"...yet another perfectly useful word forever tarred with the brush of political incorrectness. Female actpersons might refer to themselves as actors, but there are still many people who refer to them (quite respectfully) as actresses. It's what they are, isn't it? -- AnonymousCoward (ducking)

Linguistically speaking, what is common usage IS correct. These females who act are, as a group, whatever the plurality of AME speakers call them, be it actors or actresses. THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE!!!(Answer to A.C.) Since there is a dispute here, started by me, I will cede to the older nomenclature and possibly the majority opinion. I have created actresses. Wait til next year though...:-).

I thought about this when I created the two pages, believe me. I thought about it, too, when I created separate pages for Male Tennis Professionals and Female Tennis Professionals. In both cases, I was guided by the highest professional awards. In tennis, women play in a separate league from men. In acting, the Academy Awards (and, I believe, all the other major awards) are granted separately to male and female performers.

In both cases, there is a good reason for the distinction. If men and women played in the same tennis league, it would be extremely unfair. That's a biological fact, as far as I know. Maybe in the future, it will not be true, but for today, it is true.

In acting, it is generally, but of course not universally, the case that parts played by women and parts played by men are inherently different. It might be possible to remake, say, [The Godfather]?, with [Michelle Pfeiffer]? playing the role previously played by Marlon Brando, but... --Jimbo Wales

The question seems to me, whether their is a difference in the activity called acting for men and women. I don't see any. Remember, in Shakespeare's time all roles were played by men. Why are "the parts played by men and those by women inherently different," by the way?
I would answer this by saying that the problem was sexism in Shakespeare's time, not in our own. The role of [Lady MacBeth]? is best portrayed by a woman, I think. A film detailing the life of [Mother Theresa]?, starring [Sylvester Stallone]? in the central role, would be a farce, would it not?

Remember that I said, "generally, but by no means universally".

Perhaps in the future, the methods of makeup will have advanced to a sufficient stage that Sean Connery could play a convincing Princess Diana, but for now, gender is relevant to the roles, and it is not sexism to note this fact. --Jimbo Wales

And I suppose having [Elizabeth Taylor]? playing [Mother Theresa]? or [Oprah Winfrey]? playing Princess Diana would be good casting? Notice you are choosing characters who HAVE lived and of whom we already have a visual image. Remember that [Mary Martin]? played Peter Pan?
Is this stealing your last word, if I only agree with what you've said? It occurred to me late last night (Wikipedia is keeping me up at night!) that you are absolutely right when you say that there isn't a difference in the activity of acting between men and women. And you are of course right too, in pointing out that just as some men are not right for some parts as women, some women are equally not right for some parts as women.

Of course, this perhaps doesn't remove the need for the distinction. We agree that personal physical characteristics can play a major role in how a performer is perceived in a part. And so we might conclude that, in general, gender is or at least tends to be a highly important characteristic for classifying performers. So we might leave the distinction as is.

The big difference between my tennis example, and acting, is that in tennis it really is true that the top tennis players would all be men, if all were to play in the same league. In order to have sensible competition, segregation is probably necessary. But why do we have separate awards for best actor and best actress? Even if men and women naturally tend to play different parts, there seems to be no reason why we should consider it difficult at all to decide if [Julia Roberts]? or [Al Pacino]? is the better performer in a given year.

I guess we will have to agree to agree!!!
If we were making a page listing famous philosophers, or famous scientists, I do not think that a separate listing would be a good thing at all. Unless, of course, someone wanted to make a page highlighting famous female scientists of the past, when they were more rare, or something like that.

One of the beautiful things about a wiki is, of course, that someone can create a page of '[Acting Professionals]?' that lists all of them, male or female, on the same page, or in alphabetical order, like '[Acting Professionals/A]?', etc. --Jimbo Wales


Here is a list of actors that might be useful to integrate:
Arkin Alan
Cousens Peter
Evans Josh Ryan
Fletcher Louise
Gruber Michael
Harris Neil Patrick
Hawkins-Byrd Petri
Rea Stephen
Von Dohlen Lenny
Aames Willie
Abayari Anjanette
Ackles Jensen
Adams Joey Lauren
Adams Richard Todd
Addy Mark
Adjani Isabelle
Affleck Ben
Affleck Casey
Agustin Marvin
Agutter Jenny
Alba Jessica
Albright Ariauna
Alda Alan
Aldred Sophie
Alexander Jason
Alfonso Kristian
Ali Tatyana M
Allen Joan
Allen Karen
Allen Tim
Allen Woody
Allen-Moritt Krista
Alley Kirstie
Allred Corbin
Allyson June
Alt Carol
Alvarado Trini
Alvarez George
Ambrose Lauren
Amick Madchen
Anders Luana
Anderson Lee Pamela
Anderson Gillian
Anderson Harry
Anderson Kevin
Anderson Loni
Anderson Richard Dean
Andrada Marliece
Andress Ursula
Andrews Anthony
Andrews Dana
Andrews Julie
Andrews Rèal
Angel Vanessa
Anglade Jean-Hugues
Anglim Philip
Aniston Jennifer
Anthony Lysette
Anwar Gabrielle
Applegate Christina
Aragon Angelica
Arbuckle Roscoe Conkling
Ardant Fanny
Argento Asia
Arkin Adam
Armitage Alison
Armstrong Bess
Armstrong Curtis
Arnaz Desi
Arquette David
Arquette Patricia
Arquette Rosanna
Arthur Bea
Arthur Jean
Ashbrook Dana
Ashby Linden
Asher Jane
Ashford Matthew
Ashton Richard
Asner Ed
Asner Jules
Astaire Fred
Astin Sean
Atkins Christopher
Atkinson Rowan
Au Sharon
Auberjonois Rene
Aubrey Juliet
Audran Stephane
Auteuil Daniel
Autry Gene
Aykroyd Dan
Azaria Hank
Azhari Sarah
Babcock Todd
Babu Mohan
Bacall Lauren
Bachchan Amitabh
Bacon Kevin
Bagby Larry
Bain Barbara
Baio Scott
Bairstow Scott
Baker Dee
Baker Josephine
Bakke Brenda
Bakula Scott
Baldwin Adam
Baldwin Alec
Baldwin Daniel
Baldwin Michael
Baldwin Stephen
Bale Christian
Balk Fairuza
Ball Lucille
Bancroft Anne
Banderas Antonio
Bankhead Tallulah
Bannister Reggie
Bara Theda
Barbeau Adrienne
Barber Glynis
Bardot Brigitte
Barkin Ellen
Barretto Amber
Barrington Pat
Barry Gene
Barrymore Dolores Costello
Barrymore Drew
Barrymore John
Bart Roger
Barton Mischa
Baryshnikov Mikhail
Basehart Richard
Bashoff Blake
Basinger Kim
Bass Ben
Bassett Angela
Bateman Justine
Bates Alan
Bates Kathy
Batten Shawn
Batten Susan
Bauchau Patrick
Bauer Jaime Lyn
Baxendale Helen
Baxter Meredith
Beacham Stephanie
Bean Sean
Bearse Amanda
Beart Emmanuelle
Beatty Warren
Becker Terry
Beckford Tyson
Beckinsale Kate
Beechman Laurie
Behr Jason
Behrens Sam
Beiser Brendan
Belafonte Harry
Belen Gelli de
Bell Catherine
Bell Lauralee
Belle Camilla
Beller Kathleen
Bello Maria
Bellucci Monica
Belmondo Jean-Paul
Beltran Robert
Belushi James
Belushi John
Belzer Richard
Benard Maurice
Benchley Robert
Bendre Sonali
Benedict Dirk
Benigni Roberto
Bening Annette
Bennett Joan
Benny Jack
Benrubi Abraham
Berenger Tom
Bergen Candice
Bergeron Philippe
Bergl Emily
Bergman Ingrid
Berkley Elizabeth
Bernard Crystal
Bernhard Sandra
Bernhardt Sarah
Berridge Elizabeth
Berry Halle
Bertinelli Valerie
Bertram Laura
Best James
Bexton Nathan
Bhatt Pooja
Bialik Mayim
Biehn Michael
Biel Jessica
Biggs Jason
Biggs Richard
Biggs-Dawson Roxann
Bikel Theodore
Billard Lani
Billington Stephen
Bingham Traci
Binoche Juliette
Birch Thora
Bishop Meredith
Bisset Jacqueline
Bissett Josie
Bisson Yannick
Bixby Bill
Black Lucas
Blair Linda
Blair Selma
Blake Geoffrey
Blake Robert
Blanchard Rachel
Blanchett Cate
Bleeth Yasmine
Blethyn Brenda
Bloom Claire
Bloom John
Bochner Hart
Bogarde Dirk
Bogart Humphrey
Bogosian Eric
Bohmer Ron
Bohrer Corinne
Bohringer Romane
Bonaduce Danny
Bones Ken
Bonifant Evan
Bonsall Brian
Bonta Vanna
Boreanaz David
Borgnine Ernest
Bosch Johnny Young
Bow Clara
Bowen Julie
Bowie David
Bowman Jessica
Boxleitner Bruce
Boyd Tanya
Boyd William
Boyer Charles
Boyle Lara Flynn
Boyle Lisa
Bradford Jesse
Brady Wayne
Branagh Kenneth
Brandis Jonathan
Brando Marlon
Brandon Michael
Brass Steffani
Bratt Benjamin
Braugher Andre
Brendon Nicholas
Brett Jeremy
Breuer Jim
Brewster Jordana
Briant Shane
Bridges Angelica
Bridges Jeff
Brissette Tiffany
Britt May
Broderick Matthew
Brody Adrien
Brolin Josh
Bronson Charles
Brooks Albert
Brooks Avery
Brooks Louise
Brooks Mel
Brooks Richard
Brosnan Pierce
Browder Ben
Brown Clancy
Brown Georg Stanford
Brown Gordie
Brown Julie
Brown Kimberlin
Brown Sarah
Bryan Zachery Ty
Bryggman Larry
Brynner Yul
Buchanan Jensen
Buchanan Simone
Buckley Betty
Bujold Genevieve
Bullock Jim J.
Bullock Sandra
Buono Victor
Burgi Richard
Burke Paul
Burke Simon
Burnham David
Burns Brooke
Burns Edward
Burns George
Burns Steve
Burrows Saffron
Burrows Vinie
Burton Levar
Burton Steve
Buscemi Steve
Busey Gary
Butler Yancy
Buxton Sarah
Buzzington Ezra
Bynes Amanda
Byrne Gabriel
Byrnes Jim
Caan Scott
Cade Michael
Cafagna Ashley Lyn
Cage Nicolas
Cagney James
Cain Dean
Caine Howard
Caine Michael
Cake Jonathan
Call Brandon
Callaghan Jeremy
Callan K
Callard Rebecca
Calloway Cabell
Caloz Michael
Cameron Dean
Cameron Kirk
Cameron-Bure Candace
Campbell Bruce
Campbell David
Campbell Laura
Campbell Neve
Campbell Scott Michael
Canary David
Candy John
Cannon Dyan
Cantor Eddie
Canutt Yakima
Cardenas Steven
Carides Gia
Carlin George
Carlson Krissy
Carlyle Robert
Caron Leslie
Carpenter Charisma
Carradine David
Carrera Barbara
Carrere Tia
Carrey Jim
Carroll Diahann
Carson Lisa Nicole
Carter Helena Bonham
Cartwright Angela
Cartwright Veronica
Caruso David
Case Sharon
Casella Max
Caspary Tina
Cassidy David
Cates Phoebe
Cattrall Kim
Caudell Tornan
Caulfield Emma
Cavanaugh Christine
Caviezel Jim
Cañadas Esther
Cerasoli Lisa
Cerveris Michael
Chabert Lacey
Chakiris George
Chamberlain Ardwight
Chan Jackie
Chandler Kyle
Chandler Shannon
Chaney Lon
Chaplin Ben
Chaplin Charlie
Chapman Ben
Charles Craig
Charvet David
Chase Chevy
Chase Will
Chau Francois
Chaves Richard
Chawla Juhi
Chen Joan
Cheng Ekin
Chenoweth Kristin
Cheung Dicky Wai Kin
Cheung Julian Chi Lam
Cheung Leslie
Cheung Maggie
Cheyne Hank
Chi Chow Sing
Chi Hsu
Chinlund Nick
Chlumsky Anna
Cho Margaret
Choi Ji Woo
Chokachi David
Chong Marcus
Chow China
Chow Kathy
Chow Vivian
Christensen Erika
Christian Claudia
Christie Julie
Christopher Dennis
Christopher Gerard
Christopher Tyler
Chu Yan Athena
Chung Christy
Cigliuti Natalia
Clark Candy
Clark Christie
Clark Petula
Clark Roy
Clarke Melinda
Clary Robert
Cleese John
Cloke Kristen
Clooney George
Close Del
Close Glenn
Coale Sydney
Cochrane Rory
Cohen Nicole Ann
Cole Gary
Cole Nat
Cole Stephanie
Coleman Gary
Colicos John
Colin Gregoire
Colin Margret
Collen Jacqueline
Collette Toni
Collin Maxime
Collins Joan
Collins Stephen
Columbu Franco
Combs Holly Marie
Combs Jeffrey
Conaway Jeff
Connelly Jennifer
Connery Jason
Connery Sean
Connick Harry
Connolly Billy
Cook Rachael Leigh
Cooper Gary
Corbin Barry
Corday Mara
Corrigan Kevin
Cort Bud
Cosby Bill
Costner Kevin
Coulier Dave
Court Alyson
Court Hazel
Cox Courteney
Cox Nikki
Coyote Peter
Craig Tony
Craig Yvonne
Crampton Barbara
Crawford Cindy
Crawford Joan
Crawford Johnny
Crawford Louise
Crawford Michael
Criste Mirla
Critchlow Roark
Crivello Anthony
Crombie Jonathan
Cromwell James
Crosby Cathy Lee
Crosby Denise
Cross David
Cross Marcia
Crowe Russell
Crudup Billy
Cruise Tom
Cruz Alexis
Cruz Donna
Cruz Penelope
Cruz Raymond
Cruz Sheryl
Cruz Tracy Lynn
Cruz Wilson
Crystal Billy
Csokas Maton
Cuccioli Robert
Cucinotta Maria Grazia
Culkin Kieran
Culkin Macaulay
Cullen Brett
Culp Robert
Cumming Alan
Cummings Jim
Cummins Martin
Cuneta Sharon
Cunningham Liam
Curry Tim
Curtin Jane
Curtis Jamie Lee
Curtis Tony
Cusack Joan
Cusack John
Cuthbert Elisha
Cutler Ivor
Czerny Henry
D'Abo Olivia
D'Angelo Beverly
D'Arcy Jan
D'errico Donna
Dacascos Mark
Dafoe Willem
Dalle Beatrice
Dallesandro Joe
Dalton Timothy
Daly Tyne
Damian Michael
Damon Matt
Dance Charles
Dandridge Dorothy
Danes Claire
Dangerfield Rodney
Daniel Castle
Daniels Gary
Daniels Victor
Danner Blythe
Danning Sybil
Darr Lisa
Dash Stacey
Davi Robert
Davidovich Lolita
Davidson Eileen
Davidson Jaye
Davies Geraint Wyn
Davies Jeremy
Davies Kimberley
Davies Marion
Davis Ann B.
Davis Bette
Davis Geena
Davis Hope
Davis Judy
Davis Kristin
Davis William B.
Davison Peter
Day Doris
Day-Lewis Daniel
de Boer Nicole
De Funes Louis
de Havilland Olivia
de Lancie John
de Lint Derek
de los Reyes Kamar
De Mornay Rebecca
De Niro Robert
de Rossi Portia
de Vries Peter R.
Deakins Lucy
Dean James
Dee Sandra
Deezen Eddie
Deforest Calvert
DeGeneres Ellen
Del Arco Johnathan
Del Boca Andrea
Del Toro Benicio
Delaney Kim
Delany Dana
Delon Alain
DeLorenzo Michael
Delpy Julie
DeLuise Michael
Demarest William
DeMoss Darcy
Demouy Vanessa
Dempsey Patrick
Dench Judi
Deneuve Catherine
Denier Lydie
Dennehy Brian
Denton Jamie
Denver Bob
DePaiva Kassie
Depardieu Gerard
Depp Johnny
Derek Bo
Dern Laura
Des Barres Michael
Detten Erik von
DeVito Danny
DeWitt Joyce
Diamond Dustin
Diaz Cameron
DiCaprio Leonardo
Dick Andy
Dickens Kim
Dickson Barbara
Dietrich Marlene
Dietz Michael
Digart Uschi
Diggs Taye
Diller Phyllis
Dillon Matt
Dionisi Stefano
Dionisio Ma-Anne
Divoff Andrew
Dixit Madhuri
Doherty Shannen
Dolenz Ami
Donahue Heather
Donovan Elisa
Donovan Jeffrey
Donovan Lisa
Doohan James
Dorff Stephen
Dorn Michael
Dors Diana
Douglas Kirk
Douglas Michael
Dourif Brad
Down Lesley-Anne
Downey Robert Jr.
Downey Roma
Doyle Jerry
Doyle Richard
Drago Billy
Drescher Fran
Dreyfuss Richard
Driver Minnie
Droukarova Dinara
Dryer Fred
Duchovny David
Duchêne Deborah
Dudikoff Michael
Duffy Karen
Dugger Florrie
Duke Patty
Duncan Rachel
Dunn Carolyn
Dunne Dominique
Dunne Irene
Dunning Debbe
Dunst Kirsten
Dupuis Roy
Durbin Deanna
Duval James
Duvall Robert
Dye John
Ead George
Eakes Bobbie
Easton Michael
Easton Sheena
Eastwood Clint
Ebsen Buddy
Eccleston Christopher
Eddy Nelson
Edelstein Lisa
Eden Barbara
Eder Linda
Edmondson Adrian
Edwards Anthony
Eggert Nicole
Eguro Marie
Ehle Jennifer
Ekberg Anita
Eldard Ron
Eldredge John
Electra Carmen
Eleniak Erika
Elfman Jenna
Elizabeth Shannon
Elizondo Hector
Elliott Alison
Elliott Chris
Elliott David James
Elson Donald and Valerie
Eltinge Julian
Elwes Cary
Embry Ethan
Enberg Alexander
Englund Robert
Eplin Tom
Epps Omar
Erickson Dean
Eriksen Kaj-Erik
Erwin Bill
Esposito Jennifer
Estes Will
Estevez Emilio
Estrada Natalia
Evan Robert
Evans Dale
Evans Linda
Evans Mary Beth
Everett Rupert
Everson Cory
Evigan Greg
Fahey Jeff
Fairbanks Douglas Sr.
Fairchild Morgan
Fallon Jimmy
Farentino Debrah
Farley Chris
Farmer Frances
Farrar Geraldine
Farrell Colin
Farrell Mike
Farrell Terry
Faulkner Lisa
Favreau Jon
Fawcett Farrah
Feig Paul
Feldman Corey
Fenn Sherilyn
Ferdin Pamelyn
Ferrell Will
Ferrer Miguel
Fichtner William
Fidler Richard
Field Sally
Fields Freeman Kim
Fields Gracie
Fields W.C.
Fiennes Joseph
Fiennes Ralph
Fierstein Harvey
Finley Margot
Fiorentino Linda
Firth Colin
Fishburne Laurence
Fishel Danielle
Fisher Carrie
Fisher Gail
Fisher Isla
Fisher Joely
Fisher Kate
Fisher-Becker Simon
Fitzgerald Tara
Flaherty Maureen
Flanery Sean Patrick
Flannigan Maureen
Fleiss Noah
Fleming Eric
Flockhart Calista
Flores Von
Flynn Errol
Foley Dave
Foley Scott
Folland Alison
Follows Megan
Fonda Bridget
Fonda Henry
Fonda Jane
Fonda Peter
Fontaine Joan
Forbes Michelle
Ford Faith
Ford Glenn
Ford Harrison
Forlani Claire
Formby George
Formica Sofie
Forquet Philippe
Forster Robert
Forsyth David
Foster Blake
Foster Jodie
Foster Sutton
Fox Jorja
Fox Michael J
Fox Vivica
Foxworthy Jeff
Frain James
Frakes Jonathan
Frank Jason David
Frankel Mark
Franklin Pamela
Franz Elizabeth
Fraser Brendan
Frechette Peter
Freeman Morgan
Freeman Yvette
Frewer Matt
Friedle Will
Friel Anna
Friend Jessie-Ann
Fritx Nikki
Frost Sadie
Fu Gigi
Fuller Robert
Funicello Annette
Furlan Mira
Furlong Edward
Futterman Dan
Gable Clark
Gabrielle Monique
Gainsbourg Charlotte
Gallagher David
Gallagher Megan
Gallego Gina
Gallo Vincent
Garber Victor
Garbo Greta
Garcia Adam
Garcia Andy
Garcia Patrick
Gardner Ava
Garita Priscilla
Garland Judy
Garofalo Janeane
Garr Teri
Garrett Jeremy
Garrett Leif
Garson Greer
Garth Jennie
Gast Bruce
Gasteyer Ana
Gatti Jennifer
Gayheart Rebecca
Geary Anthony
Gedrick Jason
Gellar Sarah Michelle
Gemser Laura
Geoffreys Stephen
Gere Richard
Gershon Gina
Gesner Zen
Gets Malcolm
Getty Balthazar
Getty Estelle
Ghigliotti Marilyn
Giamatti Paul
Gibb Cynthia
Gibbons Leeza
Gibbs Timothy
Gibson Kyle
Gibson Mel
Gibson Thomas
Gil Arturo
Gilbert John
Gilbert Melissa
Gilbert Sara
Gillin Jed
Gillis Alasdair
Gilpin Peri
Givens Robin
Gless Sharon
Glover Crispin
Glover Danny
Godecki Marzena
Godin Maurice
Goffe Rusty
Going Joanna
Goldberg Adam
Goldberg Whoopi
Goldblum Jeff
Goldenberg Harvey J.
Goldthwait Bob
Gomez Sandra
Gonzales Charlene
González Clifton González
Good Melanie
Gooding Cuba Jr.
Goodman John
Goorjian Michael
Goose Claire
Gosling Ryan
Gottfried Gilbert
Gould Elliott
Goulet Robert
Grable Betty
Grace Topher
Gracen Elizabeth
Graham Heather
Grahn Nancy Lee
Grammer Kelsey
Granger Farley
Grant Cary
Grant Hugh
Grant Richard E.
Grant Schuyler
Graves Rupert
Gravitte Debbie
Gray Erin
Grayson Kathryn
Green Brian Austin
Green Brian Lane
Green Jenna Leigh
Green Kerri
Green Robson
Green Seth
Green Tom
Greenwood Bruce
Grenier Zach
Grey Jennifer
Grieco Richard
Grier David Alan
Grier Pam
Gries Jon
Griffin Kathy
Griffith Andy
Griffith Kenneth
Griffith Melanie
Griffith Thomas Ian
Griffiths Rachel
Grillo Frank
Grimes Karolyn
Grogan Clare
Gross Paul
Gruffudd Ioan
Guest Rob
Guetary Francois
Guffey Cary
Gugino Carla
Guida Gloria
Guinness Alec
Guitry Sacha
Gummersall Devon
Gunn Janet
Gutierrez Ruffa
Gyllenhaal Jake
Haas Lukas
Habermann Eva
Hackett Martha
Hackman Gene
Hagan Molly
Haglund Dean
Haim Corey
Haje Khrystyne
Hall Anthony Michael
Hall Deidre
Hamill Mark
Hamilton Linda
Hammond Brandon
Hancock Tony
Handler Evan
Hanks Tom
Hanley Bridget
Hanley Therese
Hannah Daryl
Hannah John
Hannigan Alyson
Hansen Gunnar
Harelik Mark
Hargitay Mariska
Harker Susannah
Harlow Jean
Harmon Angie
Harney Corrina
Harper Hill
Harper Valerie
Harrelson Woody
Harris Danielle
Harris Ed
Harris Gail
Harris Jonathan
Harris Sam
Hart Melissa Joan
Hartman Phil
Hartnett Josh
Haskell Susan
Hasselhoff David
Hatch Richard
Hatcher Teri
Hathaway Noah
Hatosy Shawn
Hauer Rutger
Haun Lindsey
Hauser Wings
Hawke Ethan
Hawn Goldie
Hawthorne Nigel
Hay Will
Hayden Linda
Hayek Salma
Hayes Sean
Hays Lauren
Haywood Pippa
Hayworth Rita
Head Anthony Stewart
Headly Glenne
Hearst Patty
Hearst Rick
Heatherton Joey
Heche Anne
Hedison David
Hedren Tippi
Heigl Katherine
Hemingway Mariel
Henderson Florence
Henderson Meredith
Henie Sonja
Henner Marilu
Hennessy Jill
Hennings Sam
Henriksen Lance
Henson Garette Ratliff
Henson Jim
Henstridge Natasha
Hepburn Audrey
Hepburn Katharine
Herbst Becky
Herman Pee-Wee
Herrera Lorena
Hershey Barbara
Hertzler John G.
Heskin Kam
Heston Charlton
Hewett Lauren
Hewitt Jennifer Love
Hewlett David
Hexum Jon-Erik
Hickland Catherine
Hickman Dwayne
Hicks Catherine
Hill Amy
Hill Dana
Hill Mariana
Hill Tex
Hinds Ciaran
Hirosue Ryoko
Hoffman Dustin
Hoffmann Gaby
Holden Laurie
Holden William
Hollitt Raye
Holly Lauren
Holm Ian
Holmes Katie
Holt Sandrine
Hong James
Hope Bob
Hopkins Anthony
Hopkins Ryan
Hopper Dennis
Horan Leslie
Horne Lena
Horneff Wil
Hoskins Bob
Howard Kyle
Howard Leslie
Howard Lisa
Howard Traylor
Howarth Roger
Howell C. Thomas
Hoyt Carol
Hsu Vivian
Hu Kelly
Hudson Kate
Hughes Finola
Hughes Miko
Humphries Barry
Hung Sammo
Hunt Bonnie
Hunt Helen
Hunt Jimmy
Hunter Holly
Huntington Sam
Hurley Elizabeth
Hurst Michael
Hussey Olivia
Huston Anjelica
Hutchison Doug
Hutchison Fiona
Hutton Timothy
Hyde-White Alex
Hyser Joyce
Ibraheem Rahman
Idle Eric
Iijima Ai
Imperioli Michael
Infante Pedro
Innes Laura
Ireland Kathy
Irons Jeremy
Ironside Michael
Irving Amy
Irwin Tom
Jackson John M.
Jackson Jonathan
Jackson Joshua
Jackson Kate
Jackson Richard Lee
Jackson Samuel L.
Jackson Victoria
Jacob Irene
Jacobi Derek
Jakub Lisa
James Brian d'Arcy
James Brion
James Reginald
Janssen Famke
Janus Samantha
Jbara Gregory
Jean-Baptiste Marianne
Jeffries Herb
Jenner Barry
Jennings Alex
Jensen Jane
Jimenez Joyce
Jin Jae-Young
Johansson Scarlett
John-Jules Danny
Johnson Amy Jo
Johnson Bart
Johnson Brad
Johnson Clark
Johnson Don
Johnson Graham
Johnson Kenny
Johnston Kristen
Jolie Angelina
Jolson Al
Jones Angela
Jones Grace
Jones James Earl
Jones Jennifer
Jones Shirley
Jones Tommy Lee
Jordan Jeremy
Jordan Michael
Joseph Kimberley
Jovovich Milla
Judd Ashley
Julia Raul
Kangarani Saeed
Kapoor Anil
Kapoor Karishma
Kapoor Raj
Kapture Mitzi
Karina Anna
Karloff Boris
Kartheiser Vincent
Katic Branka
Kaufman Andy
Kausalya Kavitha
Kavovit Andrew
Kaye Ruth
Kaye Thorsten
Keanan Staci
Keating Charles
Keaton Buster
Keaton Diane
Keaton Michael
Keegan Andrew
Keena Monica
Keener Catherine
Keitel Harvey
Keith David
Keleghan Peter
Kelley DeForest
Kelly Gene
Kelly Grace
Kelly Jean Louisa
Kelly Moira
Kennedy Jamie
Kennedy Marklen
Kensit Patsy
Kerns Joanna
Kerr Edward
Khan Aamir
Khan Salman
Khan Shahrukh
Kiberd James
Kidder Margot
Kidman Nicole
Kier Udo
Kightlinger Laura
Kilmer Val
Kilner Kevin
Kim Joon B.
Kimura Takuya
Kind Roslyn
Kinglsey Ben
Kinison Sam
Kinnear Greg
Kinski Klaus
Kinski Nastassja
Kirkland Sally
Kirsch Stan
Kirshner Mia
Kirwan Dervla
Kitaen Tawny
Kline Kevin
Klynn Harry
Knight Ted
Knight Wayne
Knightley Kiera
Knotts Don
Koenig Walter
Koirala Manisha
Kok Ann
Koo Louis
Kopell Bernie
Kornman Mary
Kosugi Kane
Kovacs Ernie
Krakowski Jane
Krasnoo Michele
Krebitz Nicolette
Kristel Sylvia
Kristofferson Kris
Kudrow Lisa
Kunis Mila
Kurth Wally
Kwan Esther
Kwok Amy
Kyes Nancy
Ladd Cheryl
Ladden Cassidy
Lahti Christine
Lai Kitty
Lai Leon
Lake Veronica
Lakin Christine
Lam Bowie
Lam Ching-Ying
Lamarr Hedy
Lambert Christopher
Lancaster Burt
Landon Michael
Landry Ali
Lane Diane
Lane Nathan
Langdon Harry
Lange Jessica
Langella Frank
Langenkamp Heather
Langer A.J.
Langerud Jake
Langton Brooke
Lansbury Angela
LaPaglia Anthony
Lara Joe
Larter Ali
LaSalle Eriq
Lascher David
Laughton Charles
Lauper Cyndi
Laurie Hugh
Laurie Piper
Law John Phillip
Law Jude
Lawless Lucy
Lawrence Andy
Lawrence Joey
Lawrence Martin
Lawson Twiggy
Laxa Maricel
Lazenby George
Le Mat Paul
Lea Nicholas
Leary Denis
LeBlanc Christian
LeBlanc Matt
Ledger Heath
Ledoyen Virginie
Lee Brandon
Lee Bruce
Lee Carman
Lee Jason
Lee Ka Yan
Lee Patricia Ja
Lee Sheryl
Lee Sung Hi
Leeshock Robert
Leeves Jane
LeGros James
Leguizamo John
Leick Hudson
Leigh Janet
Leigh Jennifer Jason
Leigh Stacey
Leigh Suzanna
Leigh Vivien
Leighton Laura
Lelliott Jeremy
Lemmon Jack
Lenard Mark
Lennon Jarrett
Leonard Robert Sean
Leoni Téa
Leslie Joan
Lesser Anton
Leto Jared
Letscher Matt
Leung Ka-Fai Tony
Leung Wing Chung Joey
Levant Oscar
Lewis Emmanuel
Lewis Jerry
Lewis Juliette
Li Gong
Li Jet
Liang Tan Tao
Lien Jennifer
Light Judith
Lillard Matthew
Lim Yvonne
Lin Brigitte
Lin Jimmy
Ling Bai
Linney Laura
Linz Alex D.
Liotta Ray
Lipnicki Jonathan
Lithgow John
Little Brad
Liu Lucy
Lloyd Christopher
Lloyd Emily Ann
Lloyd Eric
Lloyd Harold
Lloyd Jake
Lloyd Sabrina
Locklear Heather
Lohan Lindsay
Lohr Aaron
Lombard Carole
Lombard Louise
London Jeremy
London Julie
Long Kathryn
Long Nia
Long Shelley
Lopez Charlotte
Lopez Jennifer
Lopez Mario
Lord Jack
Lords Traci
Loren Sophia
Lorre Peter
Loughlin Lori
Louis-Dreyfus Julia
Love Courtney
Lovett Lyle
Lovitz Jon
Lowe Rob
Lowell Carey
Lowensohn Elina
Lucas Heidi
Lucci Susan
Lucero Dominic
Luchini Fabrice
Lugosi Bela
Luker Rebecca
Luna Barbara
Lundgren Dolph
Luner Jamie
Lupino Ida
LuPone Patti
Lyn Dawn
Lynch John
Lynch Richard
Lynde Paul
Lynskey Melanie
Lyonne Natasha
Löwensohn Elina
Macarthur James
Macchio Ralph
MacDonald Jeanette
MacDonald Norm
MacDonald Scott
MacDowell Andie
MacFadyen Angus
Mackenzie Astin
Mackintosh Steven
MacLachlan Kyle
MacLaine Shirley
MacLeod Gavin
Macnee Patrick
MacNicol Peter
MacPherson Elle
MacRae Gordon
Macy William H.
Madsen Michael
Madsen Virginia
Magdangal Jolina
Magiar Thomas
Maguire Tobey
Mahonen Michael
Maier Theodore S.
Majorino Tina
Majors Lee
Malil Shelley
Malkovich John
Malone Jena
Mandylor Costas
Manheim Camryn
Mann Leslie
Mann Terrence
Mansfield Jayne
Mantooth Randolph
Manuell Lynn
Mao Angela
Maraval Julia
Marceau Sophie
Marciano David
Marcil Vanessa
Marcotte Pascal & Rebecca
Margolis Cindy
Margulies Julianna
Marie Lisa
Marlowe June
Maroney Kelli
Marsden Jason
Marsden Jimmy
Marshall James
Marshall Paula
Marsters James
Martin Dean
Martin Jesse L.
Martin Kellie
Martin Ricky
Martin Steve
Martinez A
Marvin Lee
Marx Brothers The
Marx Groucho
Mason James
Mason Karen
Massey Athena
Masterson Chase
Masterson Christopher
Masterson Danny
Masterson Fay
Masterson Mary Stuart
Mastrantonio Mary Elizabeth
Mastroianni Marcello
Mastroianni Pat
Mathis Samantha
Matondkar Urmila
Matsuda Yusaku
Matthews Al
Matthews Liesel
Mattson Robin
Mature Victor
Maura Carmen
Mayall Rik
Mayo Whitman
Mazzello Joseph
McAndrew Nell
McAssey Michael
McCall Shalane
McCalla Irish
McCallum David
McCardie Brian
McCarthy Andrew
McCarthy Jenny
McCarthy Kevin
McClain Cady
McClanahan Rue
McComas Lorissa
McComb Heather
McConaughey Matthew
McCormack Catherine
McCormack Eric
McCouch Grayson
McCullough Julie
McCullough Kimberly
McCutcheon Martine
McDermott Dean
McDermott Dylan
McDermott Paul
McDonald Kevin
McDormand Frances
McDowall Roddy
McDowell Malcolm
McFadden Gates
McFadyen Angus
McGann Paul
McGillis Kelly
McGovern Elizabeth
McGowan Rose
McGregor Ewan
Mcintosh Kathaleeya
McKellar Danica
McKellar Don
McKellen Sir Ian
McKeon Nancy
McKinney Mark
McLachlan Craig
McMahon Ed
McMahon Julian
McNamara William
McNeill Robert Duncan
McNichol Kristy
McQueen Steve
McShane Ian
Meaney Colm
Meeker Ralph
Meier Shane
Melendez Ron
Melissis Tom
Meloni Christopher
Melville Sam
Mercouri Melina
Meredith Burgess
Merkel Una
Merli Maurizio
Merman Ethel
Merriman Ryan
Merrow Jane
Messing Debra
Metcalf Mark
Metcalfe Jesse
Mewes Jason
Meyer Breckin
Meyer Dina
Meyrink Michelle
Michaels Julie
Michaels Roxanne
Michelle Shelley
Midler Bette
Mifune Toshiro
Milano Alyssa
Milburn Oliver
Milland Ray
Miller Christa
Miller Dennis
Miller Jonny Lee
Miller Paul
Miller Penelope Ann
Milligan Spike
Mills Hayley
Mills Juliet
Minnelli Liza
Minogue Dannii
Minogue Kylie
Miranda Carmen
Mirren Helen
Misner Susan
Mitchell Beverley
Mitchum Robert
Mitra Rhona
Mitzman Gaven Marcia
Mizuno Kimi
Mochrie Colin
Mohr Jay
Mol Gretchen
Molaskey Jessica
Molina Alfred
Monroe Del
Monroe Marilyn
Monroe Meredith
Montalban Ricardo
Montand Yves
Montenegro Fernanda
Montgomery Elizabeth
Montiel Sara
Moore Clayton
Moore Cleo
Moore Demi
Moore Dudley
Moore Julianne
Moore Mary Tyler
Moore Michael
Moore Roger
Moore Tim
Moranis Rick
Moreau Jeanne
Morgan Chesty
Morgan Darin
Morgan Michele
Moriarty Michael
Morris Kathryn
Morrison James
Morse Barry
Mortensen Viggo
Mortimer Mark
Moscow David
Moss Carrie-Anne
Motel Doug
Mowry Tia and Tamera
Mucha Anna
Mueller Cookie
Mueller-Stahl Armin
Mukherjee Kajol
Mukherjee Rani
Muldoon Patrick
Mulgrew Kate
Muller Frank
Mulroney Dermot
Mumy Bill
Murnik Peter
Murphy Audie L.
Murphy Brittany
Murphy Donna
Murphy Eddie
Murphy Erin
Murray Bill
Myers Mike
Myrin Arden
Nabors Jim
Najimy Kathy
Nakayama Miho
Naschy Paul
Nater Joel Jr.
Naughton David
Neal Elise
Needham Tracey
Neeson Liam
Negrete Jorge
Neill Sam
Nelligan Kate
Nelson Frank
Nelson Judd
Nelson Tracy
Nemec Corin
Neuwirth Bebe
Nevin Brooke
Newhart Bob
Newley Anthony
Newman Daniel
Newman Paul
Newton-John Olivia
Ng Irene
Ng Lina
Ng Sandra
Nicholas Thomas Ian
Nicholls Paul
Nichols Marisol
Nichols Nichelle
Nichols Stephen
Nicholson Jack
Nickson Julia
Nimoy Leonard
Nishiwaki Michiko
Niven Barbara
Niven David
Nolin Gena Lee
Noll Christiane
Nolte Nick
Noonan Tom
Normand Mabel
Northam Jeremy
Norton Edward
Noseworthy Jack
Noth Chris
Novak Kim
Nurmi Maila
O'Brian Hugh
O'Brien Edmond
O'Connell Charlie
O'Connell Jerry
O'Connor Donald
O'Connor Frances
O'Connor Glynnis
O'Connor Renee
O'Donnell Chris
O'Donnell Rosie
O'Hara David
O'Hara Maureen
O'Hare Michael
O'Kane Sean
O'Keefe Jodi Lyn
O'Keefe Michael
O'Keeffe Miles
O'Neal Shaquille
O'Neill Jennifer
O'Regan James
O'Reilly Robert
O'Sullivan Maureen
O'Toole Peter
Odessa Devon
Oldman Gary
Oleynik Larisa
Olin Lena
Oliver Barret
Olivier Laurence
Olsen Mary-Kate & Ashley
Olstead Renee
Olyphant Timothy
Orbach Jerry
Ormond Julia
Osment Haley Joel
Oteri Cheri
Otto Götz
Owens Chris
Oz Frank
Paar Jack
Paci Alessandro
Pacino Al
Packard Kelly
Pacula Joanna
Page Erika
Palin Michael
Palminteri Chazz
Paltrow Gwyneth
Paquin Anna
Paradis Vanessa
Pare Michael
Parent Monique
Parillaud Anne
Parker Andrea
Parker Mary-Louise
Parker Molly
Parker Sarah Jessica
Parker Trey and Matt Stone
Parsons Kelly
Pasdar Adrian
Patinkin Mandy
Patric Jason
Patrick Butch
Patrick Robert
Patterson Marnette
Patterson Meredith
Patton Will
Paul Adrian
Paul Alexandra
Paxton Bill
Payne Bruce
Pearce Guy
Pearl Minnie
Peck Austin
Peck Gregory
Peeples Nia
Peldon Ashley
Pellonpaeae Matti
Penn Chris
Penn Sean
Pepper Barry
Perez Miguel
Perez Rosie
Perez Vincent
Perkins Anthony
Perkins Melody
Perlich Max
Perlman Ron
Perrine Valerie
Perrino Joe
Perry Jeff
Perry Luke
Perry Matthew
Perry Shawn Michael
Pesci Joe
Peters Bernadette
Peterson Amanda
Peterson Cassandra
Peterson Seth
Petrie George O.
Petty Lori
Pfeiffer Michelle
Phelan Shawn Michael
Phillippe Ryan
Phillips Bobbie
Phoenix Joaquin
Phoenix River
Picardo Robert
Pickens Slim
Pickford Mary
Pierce Brock
Pierce Charles
Pierce David Hyde
Pilato Joe
Pileggi Mitch
Pinkett Jada
Pintauro Daniel
Piper Roddy
Pitt Brad
Pitt Ingrid
Pitts ZaSu
Piven Jeremy
Plaksin Laurie
Plato Dana
Platt Oliver
Pleasence Donald
Plimpton Martha
Plummer Amanda
Plummer Christopher
Poehler Amy
Poitier Sidney
Pollan Tracy
Polley Sarah
Pomers Scarlett
Porretta Matthew
Porter Alisan
Portman Natalie
Posey Parker
Post Markie
Potter Chris
Potter Monica
Poulos Jim
Powell Eleanor
Powell Jane
Powell William
Powers Stefanie
Praed Michael
Prepon Laura
Presley Elvis
Presley Priscilla
Pressly Jaime
Preston Kelly
Price Lindsay
Price Vincent
Priestley Jason
Prima Louis
Principal Victoria
Prinze Freddie Jr.
Prochnow Jurgen
Proops Greg
Prowse Dave
Pryce Jonathan
Pryor Richard
Pullman Bill
Quaid Dennis
Quan Jonathan Ke
Quast Philip
Quinlan Kathleen
Quinn Aidan
Quinn Anthony
Quinn Colin
Quinn Glenn
Racicot Jody
Rademacher Ingo
Rai Aishwarya
Raider-Wexler Victor
Raimi Ted
Raines Ella
Rains Claude
Rainwater Gregg
Raitano Natalie
Raize Jason
Ralph Christopher
Randall Lexi
Randle Betsy
Rapaport Michael
Rapp Anthony
Rat Pack The
Rathbone Basil
Ravenscroft Thurl
Raymundo Ina
Redford Robert
Redgrave Lynn
Redgrave Vanessa
Reed Oliver
Rees Roger
Reeve Christopher
Reeves George
Reeves Keanu
Reeves Melissa Brennan
Reeves Scott
Reeves Steve
Reid Mike
Reid Tara
Reis Michele
Remblier Fabien
Remini Leah
Renfro Brad
Rennie Callum Keith
Reno Jean
Reyes Ernie Jr.
Reyes Yvonne
Reynolds Burt
Reynolds Debbie
Reynolds Ryan
Rhames Ving
Rhea Caroline
Rhodes Kim
Rhys-Meyers Jonathan
Ribisi Giovanni
Ricci Christina
Rice-Taylor Allyson
Richard Wendy
Richards Ariana
Richards Denise
Richards Kim
Richards Michael
Richardson Ian
Richardson Jake
Richardson Miranda
Richardson Natasha
Richardson Patricia
Richter Jason James
Richter Ralf
Rickitt Adam
Rickles Don
Rickman Alan
Rigg Diana
Ringwald Molly
Rinna Lisa
Ripley Alice
Ritter John
Robards Jason
Robbins Jana
Robbins Tim
Roberts Eric
Roberts Julia
Roberts Tanya
Robertson Clive
Robertson Kathleen
Robeson Paul
Robinson Bill
Robinson Bumper
Robinson Edward G.
Rochon Lela
Rock Chris
Roddenberry Majel Barrett
Rodman Dennis
Rodrick Michael
Rodriguez Marco
Rodriguez Paul
Rogan Joe
Rogers Ginger
Rogers Mimi
Rogers Roy
Rogers Tristan
Rogers Will
Rohner Clayton
Romero Cesar
Rooney Mickey
Root Bonnie
Rose Jamie
Rosenbaum Michael
Ross Charlotte
Ross Natanya
Rossellini Isabella
Rossum Emmy
Roth Andrea
Roth Tim
Rothrock Cynthia
Rourke Mickey
Rowe Brad
Rowland Rodney
Rowlands Gena
Ruccolo Richard
Rudd Paul
Rugg Paul
Rush Geoffrey
Rushton Jared
Russ William
Russell Jane
Russell Keri
Russell Kurt
Russell Rosalind
Russo Rene
Rutherford Ann
Rutherford Kelly
Ryan Jeri Lynn
Ryan Meg
Ryan Shayna
Ryder Jack
Ryder Winona
Sabato Antonio Jr.
Sachdev Rajeshwari
Safran John
Saget Bob
Salenger Meredith
Salonga Lea
San Giacomo Laura
Sanchez Marco
Sand Lamas Shauna
Sandler Adam
Sands Julian
Sanz Horatio
Sara Mia
Sarandon Chris
Sarandon Susan
Sarelle Leilani
Sastre Ines
Satana Tura
Satchwell Brooke
Saunders Jennifer
Savalas Telly
Savini Tom
Sawa Devon
Sawalha Julie
Saxon John
Scacchi Greta
Scarabelli Michele
Schaech Johnathon
Scheer Mary
Scheider Roy
Schiavelli Vincent
Schiff Richard
Schijf Angela
Schmid Kristian
Schmidtmer Christiane
Schneider John
Schneider Rob
Schneider Romy
Schreiber Liev
Schroeder Rick
Schwan Ivyann
Schwartz Scott L.
Schwartzman Jason
Schwarzenegger Arnold
Schweig Eric
Schwimmer David
Sciorra Annabella
Scoggins Tracy
Scorupco Izabella
Scott Camilla
Scott Dougray
Scott George C.
Scott Judson
Scott Klea
Scott Lizabeth
Scott Seann
Scott Tom Everett
Scotti Nick
Scrimm Angus
Seagal Steven
Searcy Nick
Secor Kyle
Seda Jon
Sedgwick Kyra
Seinfeld Jerry
Selby David
Selleck Tom
Sellers Peter
Serious Yahoo
Server Josh
Settle Matthew
Severance Joan
Sevigny Chloe
Sewell Rufus
Sexton Jr. Brendan
Seymour Jane
Shadix Glenn
Shakur Tupac
Shandling Garry
Shanks Michael
Shannon Molly
Shannon Polly
Sharkey Ray
Shatner William
Shaughnessy Charles
Shaver Helen
Shaw Stan
Shaw Vinessa
Shear Rhonda
Shearer Harry
Shearer Norma
Sheedy Ally
Sheen Charlie
Sheen Martin
Sheen Michael
Shelly Adrienne
Shelton Marlee
Sheng Alexander Fu
Shepard Jewel
Shepard Sam
Shepherd Cybill
Shepis Tiffany
Sheppard Mark
Sheridan Nicollette
Sherman Bobby
Shields Brooke
Shimerman Armin
Shipman Nell
Shockley William
Shore Pauly
Short Martin
Shou Robin
Shroff Jackie
Shroyer Sonny
Shue Andrew
Shue Elisabeth
Siddig Alexander
Sidney Sylvia
Sieber Christopher
Siemaszko Casey
Signoret Simone
Sillas Karen
Silver Ron
Silverman Sarah
Silvers Phil
Silverstone Alicia
Sinatra Frank
Sinise Gary
Sira Chae
Sirtis Marina
Sisto Jeremy
Sitka Emil
Sizemore Tom
Slater Christian
Slater Helen
Slater Kelly
Slavin Danny
Slezak Erika
Sloane Lindsay
Smallwood Tucker
Smart Amy
Smiley Tava
Smith Allison
Smith Amber
Smith Anna Deveare
Smith Jaclyn
Smith Jacob
Smith Kerr
Smith Kevin
Smith Kevin
Smith Riley
Smith Taran Noah
Smith Will
Smithers Jan
Smits Jimmy
Smythe Kellie
Snipes Wesley
Sobieski Leelee
Sofer Rena
Sokoloff Marla
Soles P.J
Solis Javier
Somers Suzanne
Sorbo Kevin
Soriano Maricel
Sorvino Mira
Soto Talisa
Soul David
Spacey Kevin
Spade David
Spader James
Speedman Scott
Speer Hugo
Spelling Tori
Spence Sebastian
Spencer Jesse
Sperber Wendie Jo
Spiner Brent
Spradling Charlie
Springfield Adam Luke
St. Cyr Lili
St. James Susan
St. John Austin
Stabile Nick
Stafford Michelle
Stahl Nick
Staite Jewel
Stallone Frank
Stallone Sylvester
Stamos John
Stamp Terence
Stanley Paco
Stanwyck Barbara
Stapleton Jacinta
Stapleton Kevin
Starke Anthony
Steadman Ken
Steel Christine
Steen Jessica
Stefanelli Simonetta
Stefanson Leslie
Stein Ben
Stevens Brinke
Stevens Fisher
Stevens Inger
Stevens Stella
Stevie Vallance
Stewart Jimmy
Stewart Jon
Stewart Patrick
Stewart Paul Anthony
Stiles Julia
Stiller Ben
Stockwell Dean
Stokes Mitchell Brian
Stole Mink
Stoltz Eric
Stone Julian
Stone Sharon
Storke Adam
Storm Gale
Storm Tempest
Stormare Peter
Storms Kirsten
Stott Ken
Stowe Madeleine
Strain Julie
Strasser Robin
Strassman Marcia
Streep Meryl
Streisand Barbra
Stringfield Sherry
Strong Brenda
Strong Rider
Stroud Don
Stuart Gloria
Stuart Laird
Sturges Shannon
Sullivan Nicole
Sutherland Catherine
Sutherland Donald
Sutton Michael
Suzuki Fumika
Swain Dominique
Swank Hilary
Swanson Gloria
Swanson Kristy
Swayze Patrick
Sweeney Alison
Sweeney D.B.
Sweeney Julia
Sweetin Jodie
Swinton Tilda
Sykes Melanie
Szarabajka Keith
Szeps Henri
Tagawa Cary-Hiroyuki
Takei George
Takenouchi Yutaka
Takeshi Kaneshiro
Tallman Patricia
Talor Venesa
Tam Siu Wan
Tamblyn Amber Rose
Tan Evelyn
Tan Medaline
Tandon Raveena
Tapping Amanda
Tarantino Quentin
Tarantino Tony
Tate Larenz
Tate Sharon
Tay Jacelyn
Tay Zoe
Taylor Buck
Taylor Christine
Taylor Davinia
Taylor Elizabeth
Taylor Jayson Michael
Taylor Jeremy Lindsay
Taylor Lili
Taylor Noah
Taylor Sandra
Taylor-Young Leigh
Temple Shirley
Tenney Jon
Terblanche Esta
Theron Charlize
Thewlis David
Thicke Alan
Thiessen Tiffani-Amber
Thomas Heather
Thomas Henry
Thomas Jonathan Taylor
Thomas Kristin Scott
Thomas Larry
Thomas Marlo
Thomas Michelle
Thomerson Tim
Thompson Brian
Thompson Emma
Thompson Kim
Thompson Lea
Thompson Scott
Thomson Erik
Thorell Clarke
Thorne Callie
Thorne Geoffrey
Thorne-Smith Courtney
Thornton Billy Bob
Thring Frank
Thurman Uma
Tierney Gene
Tierney Maura
Tilly Jennifer
Tilly Meg
Timberlake Justin
Tobeck Joel
Tobin Jason J.
Todd Saira
Tolsky Susan
Tomanovich Dara
Tomei Marisa
Tomita Tamlyn
Tomlin Robbie
Tomosaka Rie
Tompkinson Stephen
Tone Franchot
Torres Gina
Trachta Jeff
Trang Thuy
Trautman Allan
Travis Nancy
Travis Randy
Travolta John
Travolta Rikki Lee
Trebor Robert
Trejo Danny
Tremblett Ken
Trickey Paula
Trilling Zoe
Tripplehorn Jeanne
Troisi Massimo
Troyer Verne
True Rachel
Tuck Hillary
Tunney Robin
Turner Guinevere
Turner Hilary Shepard
Turner Janine
Turner Kathleen
Turner Lana
Turturro John
Tweed Shannon
Tyler Liv
Tylo Hunter
Tyson Barbara
Udenio Fabiana
Ullman Tracey
Ulrich Skeet
Underwood Blair
Urban Karl
Urich Robert
Valentino Rudolph
Valley Mark
Van Cleef Lee
Van Damme Jean Claude
Van Der Beek James
Van Dien Casper
Van Doren Mamie
Van Dyke Dick
Van Dyke Phillip
Varela Leonor
Vargas Jacob
Varney Jim
Vartan Michael
Vassey Liz
Vaughan Greg
Vaughn Robert
Vaughn Vince
Verdu Maribel
Vereen Ben
Vernon Valerie
Vickaryous Scott
Vieira Asia
Villechaize Herve
Vincent Jan-Michael
Visitor Nana
Visnjic Goran
Vitar Mike
Vitti Monica
Vogel Mitch
Voight Jon
Von Detten Erik
Von Oy Jenna
von Sydow Max
Vosloo Arnold
Waddington Steven
Wadham Julian
Wagner Kristina and Jack
Wagner Natasha Gregson
Wagner Robert
Wahlberg Mark
Waits Tom
Waldron Shawna
Walken Christopher
Walker Ally
Walker Paul
Wallace Leighanne
Wallace Rheagan
Walters Jamie
Wang Garrett
Ward Maitland
Ward Megan
Ward Rachel
Ward Sela
Ward Sophie
Warlow Anthony
Warner David
Washington Denzel
Wasser Ed
Waterston Sam
Watros Cynthia
Watson Alberta
Watson Emily
Watson Muse
Watt Nathan
Wayans Keenen Ivory
Wayans Marlon & Shawn
Wayne John
Weaver Sigourney
Weaving Hugo
Webb Jack
Weber Ela
Weber Jake
Weber Steven
Webster Victor
Weiss Michael T.
Weisz Rachel
Welch Raquel
Weld Tuesday
Welk Lawrence
Wen Ming-Na
Wentworth Alexandra
West Adam
West Mae
Westcott Carrie
Whaley Frank
Whalley-Kilmer Joanne
Wheaton Wil
Wheeler Ellen
Whelchel Lisa
Whirry Shannon
Whitaker Forest
White Alton Fitzgerald
White Betty
White Michael Jai
White Vanna
Whiting Arch
Whitman Mae
Whitney Grace Lee
Whitworth Johnny
Whyte Scott
Wigdor Geoffrey
Wilcox Larry
Wilcox Lisa
Wild Jack
Wilder Gene
Wilhoit Lisa
Wilkinson June
Willey Walt
Williams Barry
Williams Billy Dee
Williams Esther
Williams Guy
Williams Harland
Williams Kenneth
Williams Michelle
Williams Robin
Williams Steven
Williams Treat
Williams Van
Williams Vanessa
Willis Bruce
Willis Katherine
Wilson Bridgette
Wilson Peta
Wilson Rita
Wilson Sheree J.
Wimmer Brian
Wincott Michael
Winfrey Oprah
Winger Debra
Wingfield Peter
Winkler Henry
Winslet Anna
Winslet Kate
Winter Ophelie
Winters Dean
Wirth Billy
Wisden Robert
Wise Ray
Wisniewski Andreas
Witherspoon Reese
Witt Alicia
Wolf Scott
Wolos Leslie
Wong Anna May
Wong Fann
Wong Faye
Wong Felix Yat-Wah
Wong James
Wong Russell
Wood Elijah
Wood Frank
Wood Natalie
Wood Tom
Woodard Alfre
Woods James
Woodward Edward
Woodward Peter
Wopat Tom
Workman Jimmy
Woronov Mary
Wright Penn Robin
Wright Kristy
Wright Samuel E.
Wright Steven
Wu Annie
Wuhrer Kari
Wyle Noah
Wyman Jane
Wyndham Victoria
Wyngarde Peter
Yanez Eduardo
Yasbeck Amy
Yen Donnie
Yeoh Michelle
Yeung Bolo
Yip Amy
York Kathleen
York Marty
York Rachel
Yost David
Young Loretta
Yuen Kit Ying Fanny
Yuen Anita
Yuki Hitomi
Yun-Fat Chow
Yune Rick
Yung Mei Ling Barbara
Yung Barbara
Yutaka Takenouchi
Zadora Pia
Zahn Steve
Zain Ziana
Zamprogna Gema
Zane Billy
Zaslow Michael
Zegers Kevin
Zellweger Renee
Zeman Jacklyn
Zeta-Jones Catherine
Zhao Wen Zhuo
Ziemba Karen
Ziering Ian
Zimbalist Stephanie
Zimmerman Joey
Zito Chuck
Zucker Arianne
Zulueta Dawn
Zuniga Daphne
Zylberstein Elsa

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