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Ragnar Danneskjold is one of the original Strikers. He is now world famous as a pirate.

Ragnar was from Norway, the son of a bishop and the scion of one of Norway's most ancient, noble families. When he became a pirate, he was disowned and excommunicated.

He attended Patrick Henry University and became friends with John Galt and Francisco d'Anconia, while studying under Hugh Akston and Robert Stadler.

Ragnar seizes relief ships that are being sent from the United States to Europe. No one knows what he does with the goods he seizes. As the novel progresses, Ragnar begins, for the first time, to become active in American waters, and is even spotted in Delaware Bay.

Reportedly, his ship is better than any available in the fleets of the world's navies.

There is a price on his head in Norway, Portugal, Turkey.

His name may be a pun on 'Dane's Gold'.

Ragnar Danneskjold appears in:

 Section161 - Mentioned; history told.

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