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A word processing program that, at the height of its popularity in the early 1990s, defined the way such programs worked, but has since been eclipsed by Microsoft Word.

Originally produced by the same WordPerfect Corporation that originated the program, it was sold, first to Novell? and then to Corel?. Soon it was bundled with [Quattro Pro]? and other programs into an office applications suite called Wordperfect Office. During the Novell period, WordPerfect was late in coming to market with a Windows version, and the program suffered a decline in popularity from which it has never recovered. Only law firms and a few universities remain avid users. Nor was the attempt, in the Corel era, to promote it as the standard word processor on Linux systems to prove succesful.

WordPerfect afficionados remain convinced of the superiority of their word processor of choice, pointing out the way in which the Reveal Codes function gives the power user very precise control over the text. Market forces and monopolistic practices by compettitors have not rewarded such superiority.

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