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I suppose I really should introduce myself. I lecture in Religious Studies at the University of South Africa. I'll probably concentrate on Eastern religions and philosophies, but I may pop up elsewhere ... and usually do.

Depending on which browser I'm using, I may show up on Recent changes as 196.2.20.xxx

Dr Michel Clasquin clasqm@unisa.ac.za / clasqm@mweb.co.za

(later) Damn, this stuff is addictive!

/Stuff I've worked on

Welcome, Clasqm!

I've noticed that you've contributed a lot of meaty articles on Eastern religions already (Hinduism, Sikhism and more). My first reaction when seeing a new person who writes a lot of good stuff really fast is to use [Google] to see whether the material might have been copied from another source (which happens sometimes). But your stuff has passed that test! So I am doubly impressed!

Larry Sanger

Would you be less impressed if you knew that this is basically pre-prepared stuff from which I give my lectures? I wrote it myself so there shouldn't be copyright problems. More coming. vClasqm

I know that I'm not less impressed. I look forward to seeing more. And welcome! -- STG

Same here. Welcome. :-) --KQ

Welcome, Dr. Claquin. Have you happened across Gerrit Wolfaart or Pastor Kirk Cottrell in the Christian community of South Africa? <>< tbc

No, I haven't, sorry - clasqm

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