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The Anome is a new-ish Wikipedian.

Little is known.

Wow! I asked google for "anome" and I found this very same web page listed a the third place (see http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&q=anome)

Little is known? What a Pitty :(

Little guru


Thanks for the REDIRECT for [Racoona Sheldon]?

The ATM article looks a lot better now. I still think there are some other arguments that can be made for the benifits of cells which I will add later. It may be worth adding the concept of AAL's at some point. Alex

Thanks for retaining my weight/mass joke. I was trying to lighten the context of the weight/talk discussion, which was getting heavy due to excessive gravity. Ed Poor
redirected your Nuclear Weapon points to Nuclear weapon. It is all there.

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