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Ray Bradbury (1920 -)

Science fiction writer.

He was born in Waukegan, Illinois, eventually moving to Los Angeles in 1934. His first book, the collection Dark Carnival, was published in 1947.

Notable works include:

He has also worked on screenplays, including Moby Dick (1956) and [King of Kings]? (1961), both directed by John Huston. Bradbury wrote the voice-over narration for [King of Kings]?, notably Christ's final monologue, but did not receive screen credit.

His short story "The Foghorn", in which a sea monster mistakes a foghorn for the mating cry of a female, was adapted into the film [The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms]? in 1953. In addition to other film adaptations of his work, many of his stories were adapted by [EC comics]? in the 1950s.

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