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The following was a question from Gareth Owen to Pirilon (2001 July 26):

Do you have permission to copy the CAD stuff from http://www.bozdoc.f2s.com/CAD-History.htm ?

The following was a question from Sjc to Pirilon (2001 July 31):

Ditto the stuff from the Margaret Mead organisation site?

212.59.194.xxx ("Pirilon") and 217.126.156.xxx (assumed hereafter to be the same person) have added a lot of stuff to articles by copying and pasting from web sites without regard to copyright.

All articles known to have been touched by the hand of Pirilon during the period 2001 Sep 5 - 2001 Oct 5 have now been checked, and much copyright text removed. However, the above quotes make it clear that Pirilon was active before then, so there is need to track down and decontaminate other articles which may have been affected.

The following articles, which have now been cleansed, were found to have had text inserted into them from other web-sites by the Pirilon entity. They are listed here as examples of the sort of article that he/she/it is likely to sabotage.

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