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Learned some about this today, so scraped this together. This is just a start. We need to do lots here! Get stuck in :) AW

How is this topic different from the Pope article? Which information should go in which, or should this just redirect to Pope and have that article expanded?

Pope is the people (and the list), while Papacy is the office and the larger adminstrative picture. I guess we need entries on [Patriarchate of Constantinople]?, too. Much less accessible in English, by the way. --MichaelTinkler

Imperialisation is (1) a horrid usage and (2) tendentious. In fact, it was a de-imperialisation, since it is a time in which the imperial influence was waning over the papacy and instead dominating the patriarchy of Constantinople. We are not bound by the nomenclature established by 19th century Church historians. --MichaelTinkler

OK, fair crit. Changed. Any better? Still not such a good topic heading, but perhaps ok to be getting on with... AW
Better. I'll deal. Thanks! --MichaelTinkler

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