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The Olympieion (or Olympeion) in Athens was the largest temple in Greece, and was dedicated to the god Zeus. Some work was began in [515 BC]? by Peisistratos?, but it was not completed until AD 124-132 by Hadrian.

It was approximately 96 by 40 metres in size. The building was surrounded by 104 [Corinthian columns]?, each 17 meters high, made of marble. Only 15 of the Corinthian columns remain standing today.

The temple was excavated in 1889-1886 by E. Penrose, in 1922 by G. Welter and by Ioannes Travlos in the 1960s.

The site also includes the Temple of Apollo Delphinios, the Court at the Delphinion, the Temple of Panhellenic Zeus, and the Temple of Cronos and Rhea.


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