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Events and Trends

The 1960s was a turbulent decade of change around the world. Many of the trends of the 1960s were due to the demographic? changes brought about by the [baby boom]? generation and the dissolution of European colonial empires.

A fascinating page, but it should be renamed somehow; I'd rather not do it myself, but perhaps [1960s in the United States]?. Of course, many of the same events were occurring in Europe at the same time. Would be interesting to learn what the European experience at that time was.

Perhaps the different continents should just have subpages off of each decade's page. Then have the main page highlight the more global events such as the Vietnam war, the sexual revolution etc..

On the same page is the way to go. Many history books attempt to give a disjoint history along geographic/regional boundaries. This does little to encourage a worldwide view of each timeframe. These pages for each decade are meant to be a jumping off point/summary of major events/trends and also to facilitate a continuous timeline of all events/things/people mentioned in wiki. We should avoid anything but short one liners for each trend/topic/event to keep the decade list page readable.

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