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Ludwig Ritter von Köchel was a writer, composer, botanist and publisher. He was born in 1800 in the small town of Stein?, [Lower Austria]?. He studied law in Vienna and for 15 years he was the tutor of the four sons of Archduke Charles.

Köchel's reward was a knighthood and a generous financial settlement which permitted him to spend the rest of his life as a private scholar. Scientists of his day were greatly impressed by his botanical researches in North Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, Britain, the [North Cape]? and Russia.

In addition to botany, he was interested in geology and mineralogy, but he also loved music, and as a member of the Salzburg Mozarteum he published in 1862 a chronical and thematic register of the works of Mozart, the Köchel Catalogue, now in its 6th revised edition.

Ludwig Ritter von Köchel died on June 3, 1877 in Vienna, Austria

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