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OK this is probably too big a topic to cover on one page. Almost every religion has a version of Hell, some Christian sects even believe in up to 3 hells, one where fallen angels are locked up until the final judgement, one where unsaved souls are kept after death until the final judgement, and one where all of the above are cast into at the final judgement(also called [the lake of fire]?). Also some don't believe in eternal torment in hell, they believe that after some amount of suffering the damned simply 'cease to be', as if they had never existed.

The Muslims have a Hell, the Mormons have a kind of hell, the old Norse religion had a hell too. There is just too much, I don't know where to start! --MemoryHole.com

I suggest with an outline of what you know, to be filled in with research! :-) --LMS

Ooooh - can we have a list of "Celebrities in Hell"? --MichaelTinkler
How about a list of "Celebrities We Wish were in Hell?" -- STG
That's how Dante operated! See [Boniface VIII]?. --MichaelTinkler

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