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Linguistics (mainly phonetics, phonology, orthography, graphemics?)

Africa Alphabet Alphabet Approximant Cardinal vowel Consonant Daniel Jones Diacritic Diaresis Digraph International Phonetic Alphabet ISO 8859-1 Keyboard Manner of articulation Morphology Prefix morpheme Phoneme Place of articulation Sign Standard Alphabet by Lepsius Suffix morpheme SVO Unicode UCS Vowel



Hi Hannes -- Since you're one of the lingustics folks, would you be interested in weighing in on some of the Old Prussi Land or Prussia or Baltic pages? JHK
Hannes, welcome to Wikipedia!

About something you wrote on Wikipedia-L. I might be confused...you wrote that Wikipedia might require "later on links to advertisments on entries which are copied to other websites." Can you please tell me who has said this? This is the first I've ever heard of it (maybe I haven't been paying attention), and I would be strongly opposed to any such requirement. I personally would work hard to guarantee that this doesn't happen. --LMS

Thanks, that's fine. But it does not seem to be the opinion of your boss. The reference is GNU Free Documentation License/Talk under where Jimbo Wales writes about the future addition of advertising links.
I see. I think it's very possible that you misunderstood what Jimbo said, and that you should ask him to clarify. --LMS
I've conferred with Jimmy about this, and he agrees entirely with my assessment (and asked me to tell you so, so I am). In other words, he was absolutely not asserting that we would consider adding advertisements to the required link-backs. We both agree that that would be idiotic. He was saying, rather, that we might, at some later date, have some as-unobtrusive-as-possible advertisements that will finally support me and pay for other Wikipedia and Nupedia costs. Right now, Jimbo / Bomis is simply eating the cost of my salary, which is a significant cost simply to be eating without compensation. --LMS
Larry and Jimbo, thanks for this clarification. As you see on the GNU Free Documentation License/Talk page I'm not against the inclusion of a link back as that is just fair use. I do not like the layout of the banner (the colors are too heavy -and it has too many unnecessary). However the equally import link to the GNU Free Documentation License (the one of the FSF) is missing. See nupedia. Hannes
Very good. I am not at all committed to the banner, personally, and having a link back to the GNU license might be a good idea indeed. --LMS
Take a look at the [Wikipedia Machine Translation Project] --- You moved Worms the computer game but you left all the weapon related sub-pages behind

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