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Wikipedia user: Erik Möller. Editor of [infoAnarchy]. Webmaster of [The Origins of Peace and Violence] and [Der Humanist] (German). Freelance writer, coder, analyst, researcher. [Personal Homepage] (German). If you want me to contribute more to Wikipedia than I do in my limited spare time, you can pay me to do so: paypal me some money to moeller at scireview dot de.

Some articles to which I have contributed to different extents and may contribute more in the future (mostly for my own reference, minor edits excluded):

Planning to write about:

Welcome to Wikipedia, Erik! I drop by infoAnarchy from time to time. A while ago, I was thinking about suggesting to you a wiki-based approach to writing the Infoanarchist's Handbook, but I never fired off the e-mail. I hope you have fun here! --STG
Thanks for liking my DOD entry..please update the DrinkOrDie article with info you have. InfoAnarchy? is great. --TheCunctator

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