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This airport, which began operation in March 2001, serves the city of Athens in Greece. It is named for the Cretan Prime Minister of that name, who was prominent in the Cretan rising against the Ottoman occupation of Crete in 1896.

The runways are approximately 4 kilometres in length.

Robotic Security

The new airport is equipped with two robotic systems (robots "Hercules" and "Ulysses") capable of handling suspect devices, designed to protect the lives of individuals as well as airport spaces, by safely identifying and removing explosives.

Hercules was donated by the [Stavros Niarchos Foundation]? to the airport. It is a system worth approximately GRD 57 million, manufactured by Soukos Robots ABEE. Hercules is capable of the safe collection and transportation of explosives for disposal. It is equipped with a spherical shaped tank with a diameter of 120 cm, and two robotic folding arms.

Ulysses is a system worth GRD 32 million, donated by Soukos Robots ABEE. This system was manufactured in order to serve as a supplement to Hercules, allowing entrance in difficult access areas such as toilets, buses or aircraft. It is a light but highly efficient robot, equipped with a shock-absorbing system allowing movements on rough surfaces.

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