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This is a list of topics collected from a number of sources including Wikipedia. It was generated automatically as a lists of possible topics, and as a stimulus for future topics on wikipedia. Many of the topics do not follow the wikipedia naming conventions. If necessary, please change the link before entering an article.

New lists were just uploaded. There is now a total of 117.964 topics, as of 2001-10-03. As these lists were generated automatically, you will encounter typos, weird characters, old Wiki-style topic names, plurals and other things that do not follow the naming conventions.
For each of the letters A, B, C and S, two pages were created, as the wiki software won't let me upload the whole list as one. As I consider these lists as final upload, please edit them and add new topics directly into the lists, NOT into /New topics. --Magnus Manske

For starters, make sure we cover these: the most basic encyclopedia article topics

/0 -- /1 -- /2 -- /3 -- /4 -- /5 -- /6 -- /7 -- /8 -- /9

/A -- /A2 -- /B -- /B2 -- /C -- /C2 -- /D -- /E -- /F -- /G -- /H -- /I -- /J -- /K -- /L -- /M -- /N -- /O -- /P -- /Q -- /R -- /S -- /S2 -- /T -- /U -- /V -- /W -- /X -- /Y -- /Z

/basic vocabulary (but a good many of these aren't names of encyclopedia topics)


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