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Joseph Chen-Yu Wang joe@confucius.gnacademy.org President, Globewide Network Academy - http://www.gnacademy.org/

S.B. Physics - MIT - 1991 Ph.D. Astronomy - University of Texas at Austin

Interested in Chinese history and language as well as in Confucianism

Welcome to WikiPedia!!! I'd be glad if you took a look at the Astronomy and Astrophysics page. --AN

Chenyu - a major welcome to the 'pedia! Your work is excellent. Thanks for straightening out that bit on the Compton effect - I knew it was a flaky explanation for the redshift, but I wasn't sure why. - MMGB

Hi Chenyu, thanks a lot your contributions in the physics area. I hope you catch the WikiBug? like the rest of us. --AxelBoldt

Welcome, Chenyu. There's lots of work left to do in Confucianism ... clasqm

A belated welcome to Wikipedia, Joseph. Your Global Network Academy is really interesting to me--I'll have to keep looking at that. I have a long-standing interest in distance education (which made work on Nupedia and Wikipedia natural). I even tried to start something of a related "movement" with [The Tutorial Manifesto]. --LMS

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