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a famous cartoonist is defined as one whose art, or work in general was recognized by more than one million people during the time when the cartoons were actively drawn.
If we do need to have some specific cut-off point (I'm skeptical...), declaring that "famous cartoonist" means exactly such-and-such sounds a bit paradoxical. (I.e., I thought I knew what "famous cartoonist" meant, but I didn't know that it meant that...) --LMS

Apart from that, a million would make a looong list. I bet every country with more than 5-10 million inhabitants has a few cartoonists localy "famous" under this definition, but not widely known outside this nation. E.g. I do not know Capp, and Nash only as a poet (as do the authors of his page, BTW) --Robbe

"Famous" should be dropped because like so many other qualifying words beginning lists all the list REALLY is is what wikipedians care enough to type. I changed "Important Latin Poets" to "Surviving Latin Poets" earlier today. "Important" is (a)less accurate {the list included Propertius, who is as fine an example of a minor poet as one could wish} and (b) potentially non-neutral. I love the idea of a million-reader-cut-off, but who was counting and when? Just say "Cartoonists with or soon to have individual entries" and be done with it. --MichaelTinkler

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