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I'd like to put in some mention of computer algorithms and their Big O performance: selection sort being N^2, merge sort N log N, travelling salesman, and so on, and implications for computing (faster computers don't compensate for big-O differences, etc). Think this should be part of this write-up, or separate but linked?

I think separate would be better, to increase the article count :-). Then you can have links from the Complexity, Computation and Computer Science pages. Maybe you can call it "Algorithm run times" or something like that. --AxelBoldt

Or something like analysis of algorithms or Algorithmic Efficiency since you may sometimes choose based on other factors as well. --loh

I'd recomend puting it under computational complexity which earlier I made into a redirect to complexity theory. It should be a page of it's own, but I didn't want to write it ;-) --BlckKnght

How about a note on amortized complexities? For instance, inserts and lookups in hashtables are O(1) amortized, in constrast with array lookup which is always O(1).

doesn't O(n log n) have some special name ? --Taw

"linearithmic" was the term coined in Sedgewick, and adopted in some places. --Robert Merkel

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