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A summary of Chapter II: The Wriggling of a Worm

Well it turns out that Alice wasn't amongst giant termites, but had actually shrunk down to computermite? size. And what's more, the many billions and trillions of termites were working as a computer of some kind for [Captain Ramshackle]?. He'd set them a question and they'd run about and work out the answer and display it using the beanery? system.

So what was the question Cpatain Ramshackle had set?

"Which number, when multiplied by itself, will give the answer minus one."

Of course it doesn't have an answer and the Captain knew this but was trying to trick the computermites into getting him a free bottle of milk.

Well the computermites left the mound to give the Captain his answer but he keenly spotted the ant, sorry, termite sized Alice and picked her up,

"What have we here? I do believe I've got a wurm? in my computermite mound!"

Taking the captured Alice to a microscope he quickly saw that she was in fact a small, that is, miniscule, girl! Alice figured that seeing as she had travelled into the clock's workings and grown smaller, she might travel up through the microscope to grow large again, which she did and promptly fainted!


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