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A summary of Chapter I: Through The Clock's Workings

Ever been to Manchester (village), England? No, probably not, not much happens there - very country, contrary to what others? would have everyone believe. Anyway, it rains there, it rains a lot... a lot!

That's just what /Alice? was thinking one afternoon whilst staying with her [Great Aunt Ermintrude]? and [Great Uncle Mortimer]?. That and the impending lesson that her Aunt was about to give her, just what is an ellipsis anyway? and why should Alice care...

Not only that, but the [jigsaw puzzle]? of [London Zoo]? that she'd been working on all afternoon turned out to be lacking 12 pieces.

But that was before that wicked parrot, Whippoorwill?, tricked her into letting him loose and escaped into the clock's workings. Of course Alice followed behind and vanished




Have you ever been to the future? maybe, but not this future. Alice found herself in a mound of earth surrounded by giant [white termites]? and immediately found one of the missing puzzle peices.

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