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I'm duplicating the lists of architectural styles here - 'cultural movement' is far too vague (as are most of the entries under that heading! "golden age of theater and architecture" indeed!). Duplication is not a bad think in Wikipedia

I want to create a page for the Statue of Liberty, and can't figure out where it belongs. (A search got me lots of unrelated pages.) There's no entry for "statue" under sculpture, and nothing for monuments as a class. I think we need a category for monuments, which would include (for example) the Statue of Liberty and the Arc de Triomphe, but I'm not sure where to put it.

so far the only entries for buildings (I'm thinking of the Parthenon) are under the style to which they apply - there might as well be a list branching off of the architecture page for "monuments" (please don't call it "famous" or "important", because all sorts of obscure but interesting things will end up there, too. --MichaelTinkler

I reorganized the front page so that it would be less cluttered. Now there are links to the pages that contain main items...such as architect, forms, etc. --Plemeljr

I removed the sentence: "It is meaningless to try to understand a work of architecture without taking in to account all three aspects." There is plenty of meaningful discussion of architecture that doesn't use Vitruvius's three concepts (not to mention precious few who ever use the nomenclature). --MichaelTinkler

I reorganized the Forms in Architecture so that it is more logical following an archetype approach. I also have a long-winded discourse that explains my motivations and some theory that is relevant to architecture. More archetypical elements need to be included, and I think there might be a better way to structure that page. It seems that there is too much on the page right now.--Plemeljr
I love it. Much improved. "Elements" started out as an archeytype list and has been mishandled a little (mainly I've been sticking in stubs for things that needed to be explained). I'll confess that as I progress into middle age I'm more and more of an Archetypicalist, in part because I've tired of the way in which most theorists manage to blather on and on about art or architecture without ever showing a picture. If we're talking about things, let's talk about things. 'Space' in most critical discourse is discourse, not spatial extension around a thinking person. Of course, here on Wikipedia we live without pictures, so 'Relative Homelessness' might work. On the other hand, 'primoridial soup' is a clever description, but a tad condescending to a highly developed theory of architecture that existed before the 20th century. It also implies a kind of 'evolutionism' in thought that I find unhelpful when dealing with anything larger than a cell. --MichaelTinkler

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