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The first Amiga home computer, Commodore-Amiga 1000 (or A1000 for short), was released in 1985 by Commodore?. A500 (low-end) and A2000 (high-end) followed in the year 1987. A500 was the most popular Amiga computer.

Generally Amiga was regarded as a game machine. It was also used for commercial entertainment production till mid 1990s (Video editing, 3D graphics rendering etc).

TheAmiga? community contributed a lot to a computer subculture known as the Demo Scene. The Demo Scene was more or less a phenomena inherited from Commodore C64 times.

Some technical specifications of A500:

Sound capabilities:

Special features:

Later Amiga models included:

At least the following operating systems are available for Amigas: AmigaOS?, Linux and NetBSD

For a long time, Amiga was the most powerful and flexible hardware platform available. The kind of restrictions on other computer systems simply were not present. Amiga could read any format of floppy disk as long as you have the appropriate software, any format of hard disk and even can extract DVD blocks using CD-ROM drives!

Unfortunately, Commodore thought the Amiga was a toaster (and so did Newtek, but that's a different story), so their marketing didn't do the platform justice. Most retail outlets were toy stores. Compatibility with ordinary household television sets was prioritized over professional grade graphics and [memory management]?. Even "amenities" such as a hard drive (on a 500)or a non-interlace?d display had to be had from third party vendors. While it was the only multitasking platform in the consumer marketplace for several years, robustness? left a lot to be desired, resulting in frequent "Guru Meditations".

In spite of being sold so short, Amiga was originally supported by such prestigious software titles as AutoCAD, WordPerfect and [Lattice C]?.

Different Amiga emulators exist for variety of operating systems. For example UNIX and Microsoft Windows operating systems:

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