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The article says 'some experts doubt that it is really as secure as it should be for important applications'.

Which experts?

-- The Anome

Bruce Schneier and Rich Schroeppel are two who come to mind. A few others seem to have vague doubts. I should point out that Rijndael has not actually been broken, and in fact it has been proven mathematically that some of the more popular methods can't break it. The main worry is that the whole thing looks too simple, and has more algebraic structure than is normal for a block cipher. There is a possibility that some new kind of algebraic attack might exist.

If you trawl through the AES website, you can find the public comments, and quite a few there thought Rijndael was too simple. (Note that not all the comments are by experts though :-) When the final choice was announced, Schneier said

"I believe that within the next five years someone will discover an academic attack against Rijndael. I do not believe that anyone will ever discover an attack that will allow someone to read Rijndael traffic. So while I have serious academic reservations about Rijndael, I do not have any engineering reservations about Rijndael."

which is not the most ringing endorsement you could hope for.

I have seen a draft of a paper by Ferguson, Schroeppel and Whiting, pointing out all sorts of interesting algebraic properties of Rijndael, of a kind that make some people nervous, but without actually finding a break. Not sure if they managed to get it published yet, or if so where.

So my statement in the article might be just slightly too strong as it is, but we should probably convey somehow that not all the experts find Rijndael completely convincing.

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