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Malcolm, you removed the following from the article:
The film caused some controversy at the time in Britain for its violence, with the press blaming an attack on a homeless person on the influence of the film: the outcry annoyed Kubrick so much that he personally withdrew the film from distribution in the United Kingdom. As a result, the film could not be seen in Britain for some 27 years, until after Kubrick's death.
Seems to be useful information if true. Why not include it? --LMS

Oops...I must have deleted it accidentally when I added the plot summary. And, yes, it's true. I saw it when it was released, I remember the press outcry shortly after (as if teenage males have ever required any reason other than alcohol for unprovoked assaults) , and I remember it being almost totally impossible to see it in the Uk for all that time, barring a few unauthorised showings here and there. When it finally became available on video in the UK last year, it hit the bestseller charts for some weeks.- Malcolm Farmer

And an afterthought:


which matches my memory of events, other than I got the year wrong!

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