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This looks more like the outlines for an article on the Fall of Jerusalem, AD 70, rather than a year summary. Unless we get a coherent response to the contrary I am proposing to move these quotes there later... And substantially rewrite into an encyclopaedia article. sjc

Agree completely -- Simon J Kissane

I feel partly responsible for this. I wrote an entry for Preterism(a religious doctrine) and then contacted an online Preterist club to ask them to critique it(because I wanted to make sure I wasn't misrepresenting their views). Apparently one or more of them followed my link and have been spamming Wiki with stuff like Fall of Jerusalem, AD 70 with no regard to Wiki conventions or for maintaining NPOV. BTW [Revision 6](the current version) is the last version of that article that I'm responsible for(just in case they aren't finished). --MemoryHole.com

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