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Did professionally:
Landscaping, newspaper delivery, typist, transcriptionist, personnel trainer, investigator, paralegal, maintenance engineer, plumber, drywall, childcare, electrician, carpenter, painter, glazer, carpet layer, tile, linoleum, wallpaper, automobile mechanic, excavation, PBX operator, hotel front desk, room attendant, vocalist, horse breeder, horse trainer, laborer, vending machine operator, upholstery, locksmith, counselor, human resources director, data analyst, public relations, opinion poll drafting and interpretation, marketing director, security officer, statistical analyst, loan broker, home designer, real estate development, pool maintenance, barback, A/C repair, runner, business consultant, IT recruiter, dispute mediator, photographer, videographer, author.

Did without pay:
Songwriter, guitarist, hardwood flooring, roofing, masonry, ranching, vegetable farming, graphic art, small engine repair, electronics repair, computer programming, metal fabrication, farm fencing (as in "don't fence me in"), tournament fencing (as in, "touche'"), animal grooming, woodcutting, target shooting, archery, skiing, bowling, baseball, auto restoration, veterinary care, sculpture, jewelry making, leathercraft, shoe repair, poetry, car stereo installation, chef, sewing, antique restoration, acting, masseur, flood damage repair.


You forgot: Wrote an encyclopedia. :-) --JimboWales

Well, heck. Aint wrote one yet, though I am a published author elsewhere. The one full-bore Nupedia article I did write (re the TaoTehChing - not the cursory commentary I dashed off here) was never submitted because the area editor told me my subject was reassigned. Have done a fair piece of copyediting, tho...

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