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/DagnyTaggart's favorite composer, who mysteriously disappeared after the evening of his greatest triumph.

In /SectioN141 we learn that Richard Halley spent years as a struggling and unappreciated composer. At age 24 his opera /Phaethon was performed for the first time, to an audience who booed and heckled it. For years he wrote in obscurity. After 19 years, /Phaethon was performed again, but this time it was recieved to the greatest ovation the opera house had ever heard. It appears his critics felt he had paid his dues long enough that he was at last worthy of their approval. The following day, Halley retired, sold the rights to his music, and disappeared.

Richard Halley appears in:

 /SectioN112 - Mentioned prominently.
 /SectioN114 - Mentioned.
 /SectioN133 - Mentioned.
 /SectioN141 - Mentioned prominently.

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