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Atlas Shrugged, Part 1, Chapter 1, section 4:

/DagnyTaggart meets with /JamesTaggart and /EddieWillers. She informs them that she has ordered /ReardenMetal from /ReardenSteel to be used to replace the tracks of the /RioNorteLine. Later she calls /MrAyers to determine if /RichardHalley ever published a Fifth Concerto. Mr. Ayers says he has not. Dagny meets with /OwenKellogg who tells her he is quiting for personal reasons, nothing can make him stay - not even the promotion Dagny had decided to give him.
The offices of Taggart Transcontinental.
 /BoardofDirectors: Mentioned.
 /EllisWyatt: Mentioned.
 /HankRearden: Mentioned.
 /MrAyers - First and only appearance.
 /OrrenBoyle: Mentioned.

What is it that makes /OwenKellogg quit a job he admits he loves?

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