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When people are not logged in as a particular person, their domain name shows up as being cobrand.bomis.com, rather than their real ip number.

This is a side-effect of my change to the www.wikipedia.com/wiki/* style of URL. I made this change because it is more search-spider-friendly. Technically, all that I did was add a line to the apache config for mod_rewrite, and then I change the script to print different links.

I think what I should do is add a function for slash-links instead question-links, and then some functions of the site could be not routed through mod_rewrite proxying.

If any of this makes sense, particularly to CliffordAdams, comments would be welcome. (Even if I'm not making sense, comments are welcome!)

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Last edited February 9, 2001 7:14 am by JimboWales (diff)