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The books in the KingJamesBible? (and most other Christian bibles) are as follows. The Catholic Bible includes additional books which have been called TheApocrypha? (but perhaps not by the Catholics themselves?).

The OldTestament

The NewTestament

I'm seeking some input here, I made each book linkable (the essense of a wiki, after-all....), but I wanted to do so in such a way that the following elements were preserved:

So I settled on the above way of linking them up. It could probably be used for many other lists as well. The problem with it is that it is a little cumbersome. What we really need is a <wiki-id-name displayed-wiki-link>

Oh - silly me - I just discovered how the slash-name notation actually works. This page should probably be changed to read "slash genesis" instead of the funky URL thing we've going now...

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