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I, JimboWales, confess to listening to almost no other music than MetallicA.

I think it is really interesting to see the shift in MetallicA's image since the whole NapsteRVsMetallica? controversy erupted. MetallicA was always known as a band of the people -- a band that grew in popularity by touring a lot and connecting directly with the fans, with very little record company or MTV corporate support of any kind.

Now, they are viewed as some kind of corporate shills.

WojPob's theory is: something went wrong after they collectively cut their hair (which started to look a bit MulleT?-like). Then they released /Load, which in the view of a lot of fans was a "weird" album. Then, less than a year later came /Reload, which was released much too quickly and obviously needed some more studio work. They still have the talent - maybe they're just too old now???

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