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Klaus Alexander Seistrup, contributor to WikiPedia. Citizen of the KingdomOfDenmark.

See also Why:KlausSeistrup.

Denmark has/is a constitutional monarchy and, yes, we do have a queen (QueenMargretheII?) who has ruled the country since 1972 when her father, KingFrederikIX?, died. I'm sorry that you find this page pointless, but pages are abundant on this wiki, so go and read another one and forget about this page -- perhaps someone else will find it useful. --KlausSeistrup

This is a personal page for prolific WikiPedia writer KlausSeistrup. It is not pointless, for it tells us his middle name and that he is a citizen of Denmark. Now I can address him in Danish if I wanted to (and could). Re: Danish royalty, you learn something new every day; aren't wikis great? -- LarrySanger

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