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A list of specific incidents in which NativeAmerican? people were killed by agents of the United States government. By compiling a complete list of incidents we can determine the total number of people killed.

It is assumed that each instance would have some kind of documentation. This assumption is justified because these events occured in modern history, in an area with a free press and a highly literate population. We also know from other instances of genocide that evidence abounds, even with the official attempts to suppress it. There are paper trails of official directives and eye-witness accounts of every genocide in modern history.

Please add more incidents to this list. If an incident is not already widely known, please include a source reference.

1777 - deliberate devastation of Six Nations as British allies ("")

December 29, 1890 - WoundedKneeMassacre? - Wounded Knee, South Dakota - 300 (est.) people killed.

I am not an expert in this area. But I remember, growing up in AlabamA?, the story of the TrailOfTears?, in which many NativeAmerican? people were forced to leave AlabamA? (and other places, perhaps), and walk to ArkansaS? or something like that. Many of them died along the way. Would that count?

(Notice that I am not only not an expert, this edit is more of a question than a comment, so perhaps someone could fill in the TrailOfTears? page with some facts, and then this comment could be removed from this page.) --JimboWales

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