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(arcane computer acronym, terminology or technology)

CAD- Computer Assisted Design; particular software design program, esp.archetectural

ENIAC- the Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer. Arguably, the first all electronic digital computer started in 1943 and finished in 1946. Some claim that Goliath really was the first, but ENIAC has the best press agent ;^)

Gesture recognition- interpreting body movements into text, as a command (recognizing handwriting, signlanguage, etc)

FaceMail? - a method of communication involving a face-to-face discussion. Becoming extinct.

FiFo?- First in, first out. This is a way of processing queues.

GiGo?- Garbage in gargage out. A reply to the explanation "The computer made an error."

GOMS- Goals, Operators, Methods, and Selection rules; hard science approach to HCI developed by Card, Moran & Newell in spelled out in their book "The Psychology of Human Computer Interaction, 1983.

Hypertext- gives the reader control instead of the author; allows user to jump around from source to source; linkages between texts.

Interface- parts of the computer that we work with; two different subsystems transmitting one piece of information to another;give and take of information

LiFo?- Last in first out. This is one way of processing stacks.

Nano technology- cellular, microscopic, level of technology

Novice - a computer user that actually knows nothing, but boasts that they can figure it out.

TreeWare? - paper version of something. As in, Bill Gates is reading the TreeWare? version of the New York Times.

WetWare? - a sentient organic being.

Widget- objects that make up interfaces, i.e. mouse, menus, textbox, buttons; basic tools and objects.

WySiWyG- What You See Is What You Get (but not very often!) Most is WYSIAWYG. It was presented on Monday, Jan.22.

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