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That which one buys a large screen television for...
Not to start a religious war or anything, but the definition above is for what we Americans call SocceR. FootBall is what they play in the SuperBowl. :-) --JimboWales
I suggest AmericanFootball and EuropeanFootball? as topics. :-) -- LarrySanger
Do non-Americans refer to Soccer as Soccer as well as FootBall?

If so, we could change this page to simply be a pointer to AmericanFootball, SocceR, and AustralianFootball?. I think AustralianFootball? is the same thing as RugBy?, but I'm not an expert!

I have never heard of a SportS called EuropeanFootball?. I believe that Soccer is an North American term that has spread also to Australia. I think EuropE, South America and AfricA? uses the term FootBall for what Americans call Soccer.

Do the following investigation yourself:

A quick Internet-investigation leads me to believe that UnitedStates, CanadA, AustraliA and NewZealand use the word Soccer and the rest of the world uses the word FootBall.

-- LinusTolke

Americans, when for whatever reason we speak about soccer as "football," in order to avoid confusion with the sport we call "football," call soccer "European football." Even [Yahoo! UK] is determined to annoy you by calling it this.
Yahoo! UK - just as any other decent sports site - calls it European FootBall in order to distinguish between FootBall played in Europe and FootBall played on other continents, eg. South America. I would like to remind my fellow Americans that FootBall, by definition is played using one's feet, and not by holding on to it with your hands and running around like a headless chicken.

<em>Whoever wrote this deserves a round of applause, it made me laugh out load</em>--JimboWales

And then enters the [XFL] or [XfL]
I've got it! I've got it! The American non-soccer sport can be FootbalL? while the European (etc.) sport that Americans call "soccer" can be called FootBall!

Oops, we're going to be switching to a way of indicating links not LikeThis. Back to the drawing board. Maybe we should just stick with the old link system just so we can implement this solution to the "football" problem. -- LarrySanger

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