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The Cold War describes the ways of fighting between the western and the eastern countries between 1950-1990 (particularly between NATO and the countries of the WarsawPact?). Except for the KoreanWar?, VietnamWar? and the conflict in AfghanistaN?, the aggression between those two parts of the world never shaped in an armed conflict, but was held by spys and traitors which were working undercover. Because of that, the population of the countries (this war took place mostly in eastern and western GermanY) never took much notice about this war going on. Also, the armies of the countries involved never had much participation in the ColdWar; the war was fought by intelligence organizations like the CIA (UnitedStates), MI6 (GreatBritain?), BND (WestGermany?), STASI (EastGermany) and the KGB (USSR). The ColdWar also inspired a lot of movie-companies and writers, resulting in an enormous amount of books and movies which tell about the cold war, some more fictional (JamesBond?) some less.

"Cold War" is a MetaphoR.

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